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10 April 2008, 9:22 am
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I have no idea how it got to be the 10th of April already.  I swear it was just January?  As much as every day seems so much the same: same morning battles with the kids, same breakfast, same routine, same after-school insanity of homework and dinner and playtime and baths, and each day seems so DARN LONG, how can the weeks and months be flying by so quickly? 

I’m less than 3 weeks from finals, I have ginormous papers to be writing, and I am starting to freak out a little bit.  Mostly of the “Holy God, what am I thinking, getting a Master’s degree, I am SO SICK OF SCHOOL” variety, but I don’t seem to freak out ABOUT that, nooooo.  I seem to completely lose my cool when P3 refuses to eat her dinner or P2 hops out of bed every seven seconds with a new excuse.   Probably just transference.  That and it’s April, never my favorite month.

O, the mundane.  Sorry to whine.  I had something better to write this morning but it flew out of my head at some point already.  Probably when P3 threw an epic tantrum during the 8-block drive from dropping off P2.  She has decided she hates her carseat and I am seriously considering just buying a new one so that I can stop hearing about how much she cannot stand the current one, IT. IS. KILLING. HER. 

She’s also started carting around three baby dolls with her at all times and even though I’m pretty good at keeping track of them, sometimes we cannot find one (usually, it is Dora that we cannot find.  Christmas Jones is usually buried at the bottom of the backpack, and it seems that Dolly Saengswang is not that adventurous, either.  But that Dora — she’s an explorer, you see) and it is then that you know the world, this world?  It is about to end.  I’m also considering buying three or four more Doras and just stashing them around the house so that I can magically “find” her when I’m exhausted.

…aaaaaaand I just did it again.  Damn.  April makes me whiny.

All right, what’s up in the big cities, people?  Yummy coffee?  Still-warm bagels for breakfast?  High-level meetings with very very important people who do not talk of such mundane things?  

Happy Thursday.  Enjoy life among the tall, professional people who can tie their own shoes 🙂 


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