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Bloody sundaes
23 April 2008, 11:36 am
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So we introduced the kids to the concept of ice cream sundaes this past weekend, and while it was fun at the time, it has since come back to haunt me (at least as far as the toddler is concerned.  With P2, it’s been great, because that kid even ate PEAS the other night when I told him if he did it without arguing he could have dessert after dinner).  But I cannot ask P3 what she wants to eat without getting the answer “SUNDAES!” 

Last night, after an early dinner, and playing backyard golf for a while, they asked for a snack before storytime.  And I said “Well, what kind of snack?”  And P3 shrieked “SUNDAES!” before P2 even got his mouth open (so he just nodded.)  So I’m getting out all the stuff to make them and each time P3 is all “Mama, I want THAT!”  And I’m all “Could you please CHILL OUT.” 

When I finally had everything out, she said “Okay, Mama, I want whipped cream.  And chocolate chips.  And chocolate syrup.  And strawberries.”  And then she started to walk away, secure in the knowledge that her servant was going to assemble everything just so and bring it to her.  But she stopped in the doorway to say “Oh, and ice cream.  Obviously.”

How did I ever remember everything before my 3-year-old know-it-all was born….?


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