Waltz In Exile

26 April 2008, 8:47 am
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Started out as a pretty standard Saturday morning here, with my children (goats that they are) bleating at me at 6:15 that they cannot possibly wait ONE MORE SECOND for breakfast, they are STARVING. See?  SEE? See how empty my little [pot]belly is, Mama?  See how I push it and look, it’s SO. EMPTY.  I MIGHT DIE NOW.

So I dragged my sorry self downstairs, found some chocolate chips, made pancakes and started some laundry.  Next thing I know, my syrup-covered Goat #2 is tumbling all over the living room.  She has moved the ottomans out of her way and she actually resembles a Tasmanian devil much more than a goat, but it’s just such craziness that I can’t think what to say.  Finally, I managed “What is with you?  This is the living room, not a gymnasium….”

To which she replied:

(wait for it)

(wait for it)

“Dis is how I roll, Mama.”

She totally didn’t understand why I laughed so hard.


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