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12 May 2008, 9:19 am
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The day has come.  I dreaded it.  But I knew it was coming.  With that hair, and those eyes, and that grin, the one that says she just might be up for anything…?   My daughter has a “friendboy.”  (That cracks me right up.)  His name is AJ.  And she “WUVS” him. 

This morning, instead of fighting me to get up and get ready, she launched herself out of bed and proceeded to pick out her own clothes.  “Pretty for AJ.”  And her mother, the woman who spent so much of her childhood and teen years trying to figure out how to make other people happy/like her/approve, cringed.  So I said “How about we look pretty for you?”  And God help me, she looked at me like I’m the biggest idiot she’s ever encountered (I really thought I had 10 more years before I saw that look) and said “I always look pretty for me.” 

So perhaps I was projecting.  Because it would seem that my daughter is internally driven.  I’m almost jealous, actually.  It took me 26 years to achieve the look she gave me this morning.  She’s three.  She doesn’t even wash her own hair yet.  But no. one. else. tells her what she likes. 

She got to preschool this morning, rushed at AJ as if they’d been separated for years, got herself a big hug and then twirled in front of him and said “Tell me I look pretty.”  And when he did, she grabbed his little hand and beamed at him like he had said the exact right thing on his own, and said “Puzzles?” 

God I hope she doesn’t grow out of that.  Well, maybe tamp it down a little, but still.

Have a brilliant and productive day.  I’m cutting out early because P2 gets out at noon.  We might just go fly kites.  Or buy him (yet more) new jeans.  (WHAT do boys do that is such hell on knees, anyway?)


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