Waltz In Exile

18 May 2008, 4:50 pm
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So this morning, to go to the pharmacy with me and run other errands, P3 donned her superhero cape.  And when we got out of the car at CVS and I had to readjust her cape (apparently, we need a more superhero-friendly carseat), she was a little frustrated about it.  But when I fixed it to her satisfaction, she beamed at me, just SO. PLEASED. and said “Mama?  You can be my sidekick anytime.”

Had to summon every ounce of restraint I possess just to not say “Bullshit; you can be mine.”  (I have a feeling my 80s movie trivia grasp might be lost on this child of the new millennium.)  But the girl has some nerve, relegating me to sidekick 39 short months ex utero, don’t you think?


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