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13 June 2008, 3:03 am
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So yesterday morning over waffles, P2 was trying like crazy to push P3’s buttons: pretending to take bites of her breakfast, or drink her juice (neither of which he would actually do — he’s prissy about other people touching anything he’s going to eat — but she doesn’t know that yet) and in general making her insane.  So when I told him to stop pretending because it was bothering his sister, he looked straight at me (with that look he has, the one that says “I still need you to drive me places and buy me toys, so I will tolerate your stupidity until you buy me my own car….but just watch how smart I am in the meantime” [truly, it is a look I have come to hate and thought was waiting for me 7 years down the road, BTW])  Anyway, he looks at me, looks at P3, and says “Mom said no more pretending.  So I think you should know that Dora?  ISN’T. REAL.” Never in my life did I imagine a day when I’d have to send my son away from the breakfast table and to his room.  And consoling a screeching 3-year-old who’s syrup-sticky?  Not my favorite thing, either. 
Then I couldn’t find my travel mug so I just took my coffee out the door in a regular coffee mug.  Which I promptly put on the dashboard of the VinnieMan while I buckled carseats.  Which I promptly forgot about, so when I shot out of the garage in my usual haste…. Well, you can guess what happened.  I wanted to pull back in the garage and go inside and go back to bed and start all over…..
How’s tricks in the big cities?  Probably you didn’t briefly wear your coffee all over yourself yesterday morning (which, really, is how low the bar has been set at this point – I’d settle for a morning where I didn’t wear my coffee.  That would be a great success in my book.)
Happy Thursday — almost there.

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zomg, this is laugh-out-loud funny. you single-handedly make me want kids.

Comment by lovesickbilly

I inadvertently dripped some of my decaffeinated sugarfree mocha Frappucino on my shirt, does that count?

Welcome to the blog-o-sphere. I’ve added you to my blogroll.

Comment by Sam Page

EVERYthing you guys do counts. Thanks for the warm welcome. Once I figure out what a blogroll is, I’ll add your genius for my other reader 🙂

Comment by waltzinexile

I’d like to be able to blame the coffee stains on the car. Mine are typically from the numerous earth quakes that shake my office while I’m drinking my coffee. Oh wait…..

Comment by Stacy

[…] Eidoloclast In which I bore even myself with the mundane. […]

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