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18 June 2008, 3:27 pm
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There’s really only one word for how I feel today: ambivalent.  I’m ecstatic that Bronson and Sam are now legally recognized by the state of California as “married.”  But I’m disgusted that this recognition didn’t coincide with what I call their “real wedding” in April 2007.  And I’m horrified that there’s still a possibility their legal status can be yanked out from under them by a referendum.  Thank goodness a bunch of narrow-minded people who can’t mind their own business can’t take away what really matters: their devotion to one another.  We love you guys SO. MUCH.  Congratulations from Exile!


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For what it’s worth, and it’s subject to verification, we heard yesterday that even if there is a constitutional amendment, they can’t make it retroactive. 🙂

Comment by lovesickbilly

Awwww shucks. You would have been proud of Bronson. He did a 10-minute TV interview with Spanish language television in fluent, Castillian Spanish. I think he singlehandedly may have influenced the outcome of the ballot measure.

Comment by Sam Page

My French twin speaks Castilian Spanish…? I’m faint with admiration. Must lie down now.

Comment by waltzinexile

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