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22 June 2008, 7:41 pm
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One toddler

Left alone with two markers (which were on a high shelf but not as high as the 2nd-highest pantry shelf…so you’d think I would know better by now)

For three seconds:

Actual goats might be less messy...

Couldn’t she have just grabbed the paper while she was up there…?


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My precious Princess Beemer! Are you sure my mom did not help raise her too?

Comment by Heather

Dontcha remember when Madeline did that? She’s done it multiple times? OMG… when we were in Chicago 2 summers ago, she got a hold of a sharpie marker at my 1/2 sister’s house and completely covered her face, arms, legs and ruined a perfectly good outfit in a matter of minutes! Arrrrrgh!!!!!!!!

Comment by madspawn

I DO remember you telling me that. I think it was after I told you that my son had Sharpied himself a nice Hitler ‘stache right before picture day. What IS it with the little freaks that they write all over themselves? And thank God for washable markers, right?

Comment by waltzinexile

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Paper is an inferior medium unless it is an important document/form/bill. And if I die from making this comment it is so your fault! Oh and I am so blogging about your twitter message to me, lol. I have to run, late getting my butt kicked by my water aerobics instructor, finish reading (aka not working on my annual report) later =)!

So it was YOU! Well, I have to hand it to Twitter – who knew that masterpiece of time suckage could be so…efficient? Thank you, by the way, for coming and for reading and for heeding my tweet. I’d love to guarantee that you’re not going to die, but what if you keeled over during water aerobics…? I’d have [more] egg all over my face, and that’s not my best look. But, I do have comments going all the way back, oh, like 4 weeks, so I’d say you have at least that long 🙂

Comment by Karen

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