Waltz In Exile

23 June 2008, 1:09 pm
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Confession: I’m a word nerd. (Gasp, you say? All right, that’s not the confession.) Real confession: Before any of you go thinking I’m some vocab savant, I need to point you to the source of many many of my post titles. Look down there. To your left. In the blogroll. Do you see it, right there on top? Yep. Good Word du jour. That’s it. My secret is out. I subscribe to their daily email service, and every morning a fascinating (and, most of the time, new to me) word is delivered to my inbox. Cool new words. Every day. For FREE! Without all that heavy [book] lifting.  So much easier, this new millennium’s version of blindly opening a dictionary and stabbing at the page with my index finger.


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