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2 July 2008, 11:06 pm
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It’s 7:15, and I’m trying to speed-clean the kitchen while P2 and P3 are being supervised by Noggin. They’re being pretty quiet, especially for goats. Just when the quiet has lasted so long that I’m starting to wonder what sort of sneakifying is going on (perhaps P3 has found a marker that survived the purge?) I hear them quite clearly, obviously in the living room where I left them. And they sound like they’re arguing passionately:

P3: I’m a whee-el! (She’s a what?)

P2: Row! Hoe! (WHAT does that mean?)

P3: NO! Fair day! (Maybe I should find out what they’re watching.)

P2: ASSHOLE! (Holy God, what channel did they find?!)

So I sprint into the living room (it’s 9 or 10 feet away, but I was able to maintain top speed the entire trip thanks to all that training on the ‘mill) with no idea what I’m going to say or do first. Curiosity about what they could possibly have been watching wins out, and I glance at the television.

…And I see that it’s still on Noggin. Where Dora is persistently teaching her viewers the Spanish words for colors. And it finally clicks that this is how the goats say “amarillo” “rojo” “verde” and “azul.” Oh, how I wish that lazy Dora would work harder on pronunciation.


In completely unrelated news, my dear friend Heather has launched her own blog to document her summer travels. She’s leaving for Jordan and Israel next week for cultural immersion, and her keen observations and insight will make for some awesome reading. She’s going to be out of reach of friends and family the entire time, so leave a comment or two to keep her tethered, all right? Check it out: Digging Jordan


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Just be thankful that was in the living room and not that Catholic school you’ve been considering….

Comment by Stacy

You’re so right — there are plenty of worse places for this to have happened!

Comment by waltzinexile

“how I wish that lazy Dora would work harder on pronunciation.”…….I knew you were a libertarian but I had no idea you were a racist.

Comment by UncleLumpy

I watched an episode of that show, it is on my list of most annoying kid shows ever.

Trust me, there are SO. MANY. worse shows. Max & Ruby?

Comment by Karen

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