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3 July 2008, 2:00 pm
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It started with P3 asking me, during the 5-block drive to drop her off this morning, how rain works. And before I could gather my thoughts to find a good short answer for her, her helpful brother, the in-house (rather, in-car) weather savant, launched into a brief meteorology lecture that went like this (God I wish I could show the hand gestures, too, but I’ll have to try to describe them):

“It’s like this. There’s water EVERYWHERE, ALL. THE. TIME. Even though you can’t see it. And it gets gathered up in the air [wild gathering motions made with both arms at this time, looking absurdly like he’s raking invisible poker chips] and it goes up, up, up [intense but restricted stretching motions made now, like there’s a contest to see who can stay buckled into his/her carseat and still touch the ceiling] and it goes into the clouds [I cannot begin to tell you how obscene this looked, only how glad I am that I saw it in context] and then when the clouds get full, they bust and let all the rain out [this gesture belongs in a fish tale, his arms spread so wide to explain the rain explosion that happens to the clouds]…and then it starts all over again. It’s a…it’s a….[single arm spinning in giant circle here as he tries to think of the word he wants] It’s a ROTATION, see.”

And P3, with saucer eyes at the geeky coolness of her big brother, nods and says “Uh-huh. I see.” Like she totally understands him. And then she blows it a few seconds later when she says “Mama, what’s a rotation?”

And again before I can come up with a simple enough answer, her brother speaks up:”I JUST TOLD YOU.”


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Haha that’s sooo cutee.
I’d love to have been there to see that

Comment by Steff

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