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5 July 2008, 3:47 pm
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Guess what came in today’s mail?

And they're not getting it back

And they can't have it back

I’m a little bit annoyed they couldn’t be bothered to oh, I don’t know, put the ACTUAL MAJOR on there.  Would that have been asking too much?  I mean come on — I could probably have Photoshopped a better diploma.  Then again, I’m a frickin’ frackin’ genius (which it also doesn’t say.  Sheesh.)


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Hey! Congrats! Now you can frame it and hang it on the wall and say “Hey… look at me I’m a smart person!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Mine is square. Funny, that CCAD. It was a bitch finding a frame for that!

Seriously, thought… that’s been a long time coming. I’m so glad you’ve reached that milestone!


Comment by madspawn

Awww, thanks Hil. Shawn’s pretty darn glad I got here, too, LOL And I won’t even start about my Dad…!

Comment by waltzinexile

Woo Hoo! A degree presented to Ms. Frickin’ Frackin’ Genius. I am so proud of you!
And now I welcome you to my world of Grad School…what unending joy!

Comment by Heather

See, not yet having started the full-time grad school grind, I’m still looking forward to it. Silly me!

Comment by waltzinexile

Glorious. Did you spell check it? Congrats! XO, B

Comment by lovesickbilly

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Make me dig mine out of the closet… Mine just says Bachelor of Science on it, no molecular biology. Of course since I am going to grad school for microbiology and want to distance myself from the boringness that is molecular this is kinda a good thing. Did they make you go to the post office and sign for it like my university did to me? At least it says cum laude on it, which totally amuses a very immature part of my brain.

I feel simultaneously better (about the “no major” thing) and worse (about the no “cum laude” thing [although I’m still a frickin’frackin’ genius.])

Comment by Karen

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