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8 July 2008, 12:03 pm
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I’m pretty sure I can’t suffer complete moral decay in just two days of having a nanny, but I’m a good enough analyst to recognize a trend even at the very beginning. Today, I slept until 8:05. Yes. 8:05. I’m going to have to change my Viking name to Modub the Oversleeper if I’m not careful. (What? You don’t get it? Then read this fascinating guest post from the always amusing Dad Gone Mad and learn your own Viking name! It’s good wholesome fun. You know, the kind that isn’t illegal in backwaters like the Haute. Except on Sunday. So go figure out your Viking name and leave it in the comments for me!) I still showered (again without interruption — who knew there was such luxury?) and had breakfast and went off to work clean and full-bellied (and not late, although NOT early like yesterday.) So obviously, I’m going to need to nip this in the bud or by Thursday, I’ll be showering the night before, rolling out of bed at 8:25, and waltzing (hate when I use our name in a negative context!) strolling into the office at 8:45 with some interesting hair.

Considering there’s a possibility I’m about to be promoted to Graduate Assistant Queen-Of-All-Things-Data (who thinks I ought to suggest a job title change to Goddess-Of-All-Things-Data so I can be “GOAT-D”? Raise your hand — Wait, better yet, vote in the comments with your Viking name!) I’m thinking I better not let the sleeping-in-ability afforded by the summer goat nanny turn me into a total sloth. Free grad school tuition seems like enough incentive, am I right? Let the bud-nipping commence! (Laissez le blah blah somethingorother.) Anyone with ideas for stopping bad slothy habits before they start, feel free to leave advice in the comments (you know, with your Viking name and your vote). Preferably soon. Like I said, by Thursday, I’m probably a lost cause.


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Tacka dig för denna. Jag skrattade all morgon.
Ginnap the Impatient

Comment by lovesickbilly

Okay, Jag skrattade et al, I get, LOL and thanks, I laughed quite a bit myself. But my online translator interpreted the first part as:
Ewe you pursues this.
Which makes me laugh MORE, actually. Borderline hysteria again. Min bedårande franska kopplar samman.

Comment by waltzinexile

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spriteen the lazy

and you should so change the name to Goddess of all things Data. lol Goat-d

Comment by goatnannydiaries

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Oh good, your field does have slave labor… er I mean graduate assistanceships, it sounded like they didn’t when you talked about paying tuition before. =)

Actually, the prof I’m working for is letting me do research and eventually co-author a paper with him. I am SO lucky! But hey, what’s your Viking name, anyway?

Comment by Karen

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