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8 July 2008, 10:35 pm
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Did you know that it’s possible to buy $207 worth of groceries in 38 minutes when you are sans chèvres?  And another thing — it’s possible to smile when you write that big fat check.  Wanna know how?  Because NOT ONCE during those 38 blissful minutes did you have to say “No, we are not buying chocolate frosted sugar bombs.  Please put those away.”  (Let alone repeat it at regular intervals for the 93 eons that you are in the store.)

Don’t tell PA, but I’d give up “spa days” if I never had to take the goats to the grocery store ever again.


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I just bought some “grass fed beef kabobs” from Wild Oats. When I went to ring up my meat it was $30 for 3 kabobs!

Comment by Lotta

I hear ya, sister! But I’m having a hard time feeling bad for you, since here in Exile, “wild oats” are them things the boys need to sow before they settle down [at 19]….it’s NOT a grocery store.

Comment by waltzinexile

You get spa days?! WTF??

Comment by Stacy

That is sort of misleading… What I meant to say was, I’d stop ASKING for spa days if I never had to take the kids to the store with me ever again, LOL

Comment by waltzinexile

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