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9 July 2008, 3:15 pm
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Three weeks ago, I was told that departmental Graduate Assistantships had been assigned and sorry, you won’t be getting one. This is after having been assured for months that one of those assistantships would be mine, no problem, I really need your analytical skills for my next research study, blah, blah. I was more than a little upset by the news (say buh-bye to your free tuition and that stipend!), so when I ran into a professor who wanted to know how my grad school experience was shaping up, I told her what had happened. And lucky me, this professor had just been considering asking the school of graduate studies for a graduate assistant for her department, someone with advanced technical skills, excellent research and communication skills (BS Comm anyone?) and tutoring/teaching experience (wherever will she find someone who can do all of that..? Wait! What’s that? There, up in the sky! It’s….GOAT-D!) (Hey, none of you voted in yesterday’s comments so I made an executive decision to change it without your input. Deal. Now where was I? Oh, yes.) I headed back to my office much heartened by the possibility of a different assistantship (same free tuition and stipend though!)

The next day, my boss wanted to know when my graduate assistantship would be starting (see, even she thought my assistantship was a done deal!) because she was hoping I’d be able to finish quite a few projects before I left for more academic work. So I broke it to her that, as of the day before, I had no assistantship. She made all the appropriate sympathetic noises and said “What are you going to do?” To which I answered, “Honestly, I’m not sure.”

Later that afternoon, my boss met with two of my coworkers privately. After the meeting, I was called in to the boss’s office (say that three times fast — bossesoffice, bossesossife, boffesossife) and asked if I would be interested in doing an assistantship for the office. Basically, I’d be doing what I’m already doing for my summer job (and did before that as an intern, and before that as a lowly student employee), only for free tuition and a stipend. Boom, out of nowhere, two opportunities for assistantships. Nice, huh?

Last night, I got an email from my graduate advisor (who is also the Department Head). Turns out they have an opening for a graduate assistant, after all, and am I still interested? Never rains but it pours, right? So here I am with three potential umbrellas. And I don’t know what to do. I’m probably jumping the gun a little bit on the worrying (I am, however, an Olympic-class gun-jumping worrier. Or I would be if there were such a thing. Which there’s not. There’s no point in making it an Olympic sport. I’d win every time. And, like strikeouts, that would be fascist. And boring. [Wink and nod to Crash Davis] Where was I? Oh, yes –)

So here’s the thing: not one of these possibilities is a bona fide offer yet. Hell, two of them haven’t even been approved as openings by the graduate school yet. But those are the two that were created especially for me, by people who seem to care a lot about me (or at least value my abilities a lot). And I know it’s supposed to be a good thing to have so many options, but all I can think about is the potential for this to all go very very badly.

Thoughts? Ideas? Feel free to leave advice in the comments (WITH YOUR VIKING NAME! Come on, it’s fun. All the cool kids are doing it.)


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Where are the Cliff’s notes to this?
– Ginnap the Impatient

Comment by lovesickbilly

-Vodcel the Procrastinator

Comment by Stacy

I think both of your Viking names should end in “the Unsympathetic” or “the Unhelpful” 😛

Comment by waltzinexile

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OK you are officially my new BFF. Seriously my grad school career has been one weird disaster after another, thankfully they have all basically worked themselves out in the end. Since you posted this in July I’m going to assume that this has all been decided on, but I will say that most universities/programs I have heard of do not accept a grad student unless there is funding for them for at least a year.

Onto more important things, the viking name you demanded. Well I haven’t found an alcoholic beverage I like, which pleases my mother and my doctor, so my only use for ethanol is as a disinfectant. I do drink a lot of milk, I’m convinced there is a cow that is kept around just to provide for my milkaholism… So I think I guess my lame viking name will be Milkwest the Procrastinator, haha.

Forget BFFs; I think we were separated at birth (although I have found more than one alcoholic beverage that I like; let’s chalk that up to nurture and not nature, shall we?) I. LOVE. MILK. TOO! And yes, it’s all decided, and I took the one with the Poli Sci department, since the others would likely have been a whole lot like that slave labor you mentioned…

Comment by Karen

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