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11 July 2008, 9:37 am
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All right, people. I did my part: I asked for help, for advice. And what did you people do? I have no idea. Not a clue what you did. I know what you didn’t do, though; you didn’t give me any advice whatsoever. So do you know what happened? You should. I told you what would happen. But you were probably too busy (with your own lives? How dare you) chuckling to yourselves (“Oh, that PB sure does exaggerate…”) And now it’s come to this. Guess who:

*Showered last night,

*Rolled out of bed at 8:15, and

*Waltzed Strolled into the office at 8:45,

*Sporting quite the interesting hair (acting like she was going for sexy messy ponytail, but she’s not fooling anyone)?

Yup. Me.

The only part of my dire prediction that ended up being an exaggeration (and really, not so much that as a miscalculation) is that it’s not Thursday. I managed to make it a whole extra day before I became Modub the Slothful. It’s like the more sleep I get, the less character I have. Who knew having a summer nanny would be so bad for me?


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Perhaps your motivation to get your butt to work on time could come from making sure you do actually get an official offer for a GA position instead of it just turning into a nice thought. Your sudden lack of motivation may not sit well with your boss and you can say buh-by to that nice fat (ok, skinny) paycheck and free tuition. (of course you magically have two other offers on the table so really, who cares?)
– Marstur the Spineless

Comment by Nat

Dear Marstur,
You don’t sound terribly spineless to me, ROFL
Modub the Improperly Motivated 🙂

Comment by waltzinexile

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