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PSA #1
11 July 2008, 4:11 pm
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This one is for the Moms…

Went to my usual vending machine yesterday for a bottled water. The bottom row of products has been stocked with bottled water for the past 2-1/2 years. But apparently, some of the [insert vending machine bottled water brand here] people thought they’d slip some new stuff into the machine amongst the bottles full of plain water, and I ended up with this. The label looks sneakily enough like what I thought I was getting that I opened it and took a huge gulp. And then I almost spat. You know how if you think you’re going to taste one thing and then it turns out it was something else, that it tastes bad even if the thing you got is something you normally like…? Stupid me, I actually tried to give it the benefit of that doubt. And stupid me, I took another drink. Big mistake. Ladies, unless you enjoyed your glucose tolerance test (and if you do, don’t admit it, we’ll all call you a freak) there is no way you’re going to be able to drink this. I wouldn’t do it again, not even for free tuition.


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