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13 July 2008, 6:52 pm
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Suppose you did not like to bake. (Not CANNOT bake.  DO NOT LIKE to.)

Now suppose that despite this, you still made good use of the overripe bananas one night and baked a loaf of banana bread. (As a matter of fact, suppose that it looked just like something out of a cookbook photo. Seriously.)

Also suppose that later that evening, your husband had a huge slice of banana bread.

Further suppose that, noticing this later, you asked him how he liked it.

Then suppose that his reply was “Well, I didn’t marry you for your cooking….”


I suppose all of you are wondering if PA is still alive.


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My assumption is no (to your final supposition). Yikes!

Comment by Allison

Allison — I wouldn’t ACTUALLY hurt him. At least, not over banana bread (or really bad editing on my part…see the addendum to this post for more info)

Comment by waltzinexile

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