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16 July 2008, 9:45 am
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Always good to start the day with a mystery solved, even if it is more of a “D’oh!” should-have-been-obvious moment than an intricate unraveling of knots.  I’ve known from our first days here in Exile that the people are, for the most part, really bad drivers.  And NOW….I think I know why.

Midway through my 2.7 mile drive to work this morning, I watched the car ahead of me pull into the left-hand lane, in order to turn onto the same street I did for the last stretch of my morning “commute.”  And I groaned a little bit to myself, because it was a drivers’ ed car, and I knew it would challenge my patience to drive 13-1/2 mph the last few feet to work, seeing the building ahead of me the whole time and powerless to get there any faster. (Don’t get me wrong, I like my job and all, but this isn’t a hurry to get to work.  It’s a hurry to get to the coffee shop in the lobby of my building.)

As we sat at the red light, I realized something about the drivers’ ed car, something that I hadn’t originally noticed because I was so busy thinking how they were going to keep me from mah preshuss coffay for 47 seconds longer than usual.  I can see the instructor in the passenger seat, busy with his clipboard.  I can see the student driver’s hands at 10 & 2 (not a hint of said student’s head, though.  Have no idea how he/she could see over the dashboard and steering wheel.  Come to think of it, the hands didn’t rest on the steering wheel from above, they seemed like they were reaching up from below… I thought they grew kids bigger here in the heartland of America…?  Oh, wait, where was I? [ed. note: no, I haven’t finished even my first cup of coffee yet this morning.  Which is why I’m all unfocusy.  Sorry.])

So.  Focusing.  Tiny little student driver in front of me with instructor in the passenger seat.  (I have to assume he was the instructor, because he wore a ball cap [which I also assume had the name of the driving school on it] and had a clipboard.  Also, if I’m wrong about him being the instructor, well, this dénouement is shot to hell.  But Holmes drew conclusions based on fewer clues, so I feel safe here.  Dammit, where was I again? FOCUS, Mindee!)

This is ridiculous.  Are any of you still reading?  (Oh, look, there’s one.  Hi, Dad.)  I’ll cut to the big reveal here: student driver, sitting in left-turn lane for almost 3-1/2 minutes (stupid long light) with instructor beside her….never once did the turn signal even flicker, let alone flash.  So apparently, it’s not just that drivers here in the Haute get tired of using them and get lazy and just STOP using them….they never start.  (Cue “reveal music”: Dunt, dunt, DUNNNNNN)

Still there, Dad?  Wow, that was one long trip through my pre-caffeinated brain, for so little payoff.  Don’t be too disappointed.  I will now post random pictures of your grandgoats to make up for it.  (Sorry they’re not new pics, but there is one of those in the post before this 🙂 )  And really, seeing how I am, after all, YOUR daughter, do you think I’m capable of telling a short story?

Doesn't she look like she's getting ready to push off shore?

Gratuitous Post-Salvaging Picture #1

Gratuitous Post-Salvaging Picture #2

Gratuitous Post-Salvaging Picture #2


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haha wow…

Comment by goatnannydiaries

To anyone who knows the two of us, there can be no denying that you are, indeed, my daughter. Albeit, possessed of much greater intelligence in general and a command of language that brings tears of joy to my eyes. With [or should this perhaps be wit’] regard to comparative wit and humor, yours is much more like a sunny day to my night of eternal darkness. Remember, though, it’s all relative. However, back to my real point on your “treatise” …. I am in awe of your ability to nest tangents/digressions to a level that has to be incomprehensible to the “normal” mind.

Comment by The Zondor Who Fenz the Trolvicks

Awww, Zondor, I’ve been waiting to hear from you! Can’t believe I had to call you out in the middle of a blog post for it, but now that I know the secret, I’ll do it more often 🙂

Hey, one question: is it the level of awe that is incomprehensible to the “normal” mind…or my nesting of tangents and digress—oh, look, a sandwich!

Comment by waltzinexile

We are definitely related! And am I the only one who has noticed that it looks like the boy-goat is flicking off the camera (I am so bad to notice and mention this…) Either way both of the goats are adorable =)!

Oh my GOD I never noticed that. He’s TOTALLY flipping the bird!

Comment by Karen

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