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16 July 2008, 11:07 pm
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It is 10:58 p.m. here in Exile. And in the name of all that’s holy, P2 is STILL. AWAKE. Until I heard the latest excuse, I was ready to remedy that by Googling “hospital supplies online” and “restraints.” Now, though, I’m just proud I didn’t laugh out loud. (You try):

“Mama? I just wanted to tell you that the reason I’m still up is, well, it’s your fault. You told me that this weekend we’re going to Ohio to visit, and now? It is OCCUPYING my head. Not ME. Just my HEAD. But all that occupying makes it really hard to sleep. The occupying in my head, I mean. I can’t fight it.”

Let me get this straight: P2’s head = France, circa 1943. Upcoming birthday party = Nazis. Sheesh. Where’s Emmanuel d’Astier de la Vigerie when I really need him…?


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Where was i at 10:58?
Oh i aimlessly wandered into the office after hearing the kids packing after watching four episodes of house.
I remember that

Comment by goatnannydiaries

You are far too well-read for your own good. Thanks for leaving that link for those of us who weren’t as ‘industrious’ in college. – Billy

Comment by lovesickbilly

Spend a week with Goat #1, Billy — you’ll need to be on your toes, too. Occupying…sheesh.

Comment by waltzinexile

6 year old logic is almost as good as 5 year old logic, good to know that I won’t lose that aspect of my niece so soon as it is one of my favorite things!

It’s almost like he knows that if it’s not the best excuse EVER, I’m ready to tie him to his bed….

Comment by Karen

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