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24 July 2008, 4:14 pm
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I know, I know, it’s been a while.  Sorry ’bout that.  (What? You didn’t even notice? Never mind, then.)  It’s just hard to write about life in Exile after I got to escape to civilization for a while last weekend.  Obviously, I’m experiencing some afterglow from all the normalcy and social life and friend time.  We had a fantastic time in Ohio, staying with one of my oldest friends, who has an amazing daughter who just turned 5 (so she’s right between my 2 goats.)  The big reason for going, in fact, was her amazing daughter’s (can I just abbreviate that to AD for this post? Is that okay with you? Because I don’t know if I have the energy to keep typing all those letters and it’s been a really long time since I DID post anything, so I’d like to try without going insane.  Okay?  Good.  Now where was I?  Oh, yes–) AD was having her birthday party and she really wanted the goats to come.  So come they did.  Bonus: The kids all played together really well and my friend and I got some adult alone “catching up” time.  Tame by most standards, I’m sure, but considering how many friends I have in the Haute who have kids roughly the same age as mine (read: big fat zero) it was extraordinary just for the sheer comfort of it all.  (All right, life in Exile has lowered the bar pretty much to the ground.  So what’s your point?)  It was so nice to do something so normal, to experience something that I’d always assumed would be normal after I had kids, that I couldn’t even dwell on how much I wished it WAS normal.  I was glass half full (of wine!) all weekend long.

There was one blogworthy thing from our weekend escape that I have to share, since it involves P2 writing yet another fabulous note (less bossy than this one and more friendly than this one, though.)  Along with presents and a card, P2 decided that he needed to write AD a birthday note to open at her party as well. Sorry I can’t include a pic like I have before, so you can see his fabulous handwriting, but I don’t have it to scan (AD’s Mama whisked it away for safekeeping forever [she’s really organized that way {damn her, it’s probably laminated by now}])  However, I do remember what it said:

“Dear [AD],
Happy Birthday. I hope you have a good party and have fun opening your presents.
Love, [P2] & [P3] & MY MOM”

I can’t decide what’s better: that he hoped she’d have a great party (as if he wouldn’t be there himself)….or that I got billed as “My Mom.”
Enough about our weekend! In other news, we’re into week 3 with the nanny and life is still divine. SO divine, in fact, that I think the summer of 2008 will probably, in future, be described in time as A.C. (Aestivi Custodis).  Seriously, life is good.  Check it out:
*(This is probably tempting the fates to say, but) I haven’t drenched myself with coffee in the car in the morning in almost 3 weeks.

*Incentivizing (the nanny [yep, I offered her a bonus if she could teach P2]) has increased shoe-tying autonomy in our house by 50%. P2 can tie his own shoes now, and I’m damn near giddy about what this means for the coming school year, because even after the nanny goes back home, THIS STAYS 🙂

*(This has nothing to do with the goat nanny being here,but): My fruit cup at lunch today was perfectly proportioned. Yep, NO. HONEYDEW. AT. ALL. Woo Hoo!

*(Another non-nanny-related item that still falls under the “How Life is Good” column): Over lunch today, I got to see Barack Obama’s speech in Berlin live on CNN.  I actually got goosebumps.  It was so exciting to hear an intelligent, articulate speaker and know that he could possibly be the next POTUS…. I’m way tired of cringing every time the current Prez opens his mouth.  Thank heaven for the 22nd Amendment, huh?  T minus 179 days, people!

*(In other “Life is Good” countdown news): T minus 63 days until the “Grey’s Anatomy” season premiere, T minus 54 days until the “House” season premiere, and T minus 27 days until my Graduate Assistantship starts. (What? I didn’t tell you? Oops. Sorry. Got myself that umbrella, after all. And the one I really wanted, too! Beginning this fall term, I will be a Graduate Assistant for the Public Administration department. [Can I get an “Amen”? Oh, come on, surely you can spare one. If only because now I will stop with the whinging, right?])

That’s it, that’s all I have.  I think we’re all caught up now!


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Hey… whaddya mean you were in Ohio?????
So, you haven’t friended me on facebook at you were in Cowtown and didn’t call. Whazzzup w/dat????

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry….it was birthdaypartypalooza weekend and we were only in town for 36 jam-packed hours! I’ll make it up to you Labor Day weekend; how’s that sound? You up for having some Waltzes over at some point that weekend? We have football tickets for Saturday but that’s the extent of our plans…

Comment by madspawn

You probably shouldn’t have mentioned that you were in Ohio. Seriously, you practically drive right past our house, twice!! But I guess we will see you on Labor Day weekend…giving us those OSU tickets would go a long way toward forgiveness 🙂

Dude, you know we love you, but it was a crazy busy weekend AND I always feel like we give you guys short shrift when we do a “drive-by”, you know?
Also said with love: no way in hell do you get our tickets, LOL

Comment by Nat

Hmmmm, that’s funny about the honeydew. I got fruit salad as part of a salad trio at my new favorite deli, and requested that the watermelon be avoided. They happily obliged, and they are my new best friends.

I wish I could ask them to take out the honeydew, but the little “cafe” (I’m using extreme license with that word here) where I get lunch in the lobby of my building doesn’t do any of its own prep. Their main kitchen is across campus and they just bring things over fresh every morning, but already packaged. Jess might order me a specially made fruit cup if I asked her though…..Hmmm. It’s worth a try!

Comment by Allison

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