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Goat Tale
25 July 2008, 10:39 pm
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by Goat #2 (aka P3)

Once a-pomma time, der was a baby hippo. He got into his car, and he drobe to the land of mee-elk. And he ate up all dat mee-elk.

(Pause, then this aside [apparently I look confused]): Baby hippos are berry fast eaters.

Den he got into his car, and he drobe to the land of cookies. And he ate up all doze cookies.

Den he got into his car AGAIN, and he drobe to pineapple land. But he didn’t like doze pineapples.

So he went home, to see his Mom and Dad.

And DEN, nothing happened. AT ALL. DEEEE end.

(Anyone else think my kid thinks I’m boring?)


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As ur Nanny I’m not sure WHAT to say to that one. I think she was just telling a story. Or maybe ur right. She’s tryingn to secretly tell you. I dunno tho. I think its cute. =D

Comment by goatnannydiaries

Man, kids are weird. Mine totally, totally, tooootally included.

Thanks for your kinds words – and primal scream – on Moxie’s blog. Made my day!


Definitely weirdos chez Waltz, too. (But then again, what chance did they have, given how bizarro their parents are?) Glad you enjoyed the primal scream; it really came from the depths of my being 🙂

Comment by Matt

And den he drobe his car to de land of de apples.

How did he like DEM apples?

I see we’ve moved on to quoting Matt Damon/Ben Affleck scripts….?

Comment by bejewell

Wow, a little author, now if she becomes a famous writer I can say I read her first work!

Oh, our girl is FULL of stories. Sadly, they have evolved (devolved?) into a lot of “No, dat wasn’t me who did dat…” narratives. Sigh.

Comment by Karen

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