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5 August 2008, 11:40 am
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I can’t think of anything to say. Which doesn’t make any sense. My life isn’t any different from two weeks ago, when I had plenty of things to say. The goats are still insane. The nanny is still here. The GOAT-D job is still a perpetual cycle of counting to ten before I open my mouth. I cannot for the life of me figure out why I haven’t written anything in almost two weeks. Goat #1 still baffles with his nightly excuses for getting out of bed (last night, the problem was “the song is just STUCK in my HEAD. I need to go watch TV for a little while to make it go away…”) The usual bon mots are flying out of Goat #2’s mouth (yesterday she made up a new song and accompanied herself on her toy drum. It was almost a tribal war chant, actually, “Ike is in really big TROUBLE….”) Last week, I endured a sitcom-worthy clusterf*ck of miscommunication at work when I told them I was taking a Graduate Assistantship in Poli Sci/Public Administration. Good grief, PA and I even got out of the house for dinner out with other adults last Friday at the local Bierstube (May I recommend the kartoffelpuffer?) And still, I have nothing to say.

Instead of trying to force the kids to do something cute to cure Mommy’s writer’s block come up with something to say or even just sitting down and writing, I put to work my stellar problem-solving talents and came up with the following list of potential sources of the problem:

  1. I have no muse. Or, if I do have a muse, it has been incommunicado. NADAcommunicada, if you will. I secretly suspect that I DO have one, but it has been remiss in its duties. And you know who you are. So enough already. My reader(s) deserve(s) better!
  2. I have spent a LOT of time reading some new blogs* I have discovered recently. And the wealth of talent is staggering. Which is, of course, intimidating. I mean, what the hell am I THINKING, calling this blathering I do, this online diary, a blog in that sort of company? I feel like I enrolled in a beginner’s writing workshop and got the weeks mixed up (much like Spring Break — HA!) and showed up all excited and ready to learn and found a meeting of the Algonquin Round Table.
  3. When not cowering in the corner, overwhelmed by all the skillz reading new blogs, I have been perfecting my soon-to-be-patented “How Not to Win Friends in the Financial Aid Department (But Who Cares Cuz Stuff is Getting DONE NOW So You Can Take Your Money and Buy New Ones)” technique. Any of you who want tips or pointers for dealing with inept Fin Aid employees, leave your contact information (and yeah, go ahead and leave your Viking name, too. I miss that. Here’s the link in case you’ve forgotten how while I was gone) in the comments. (Act now, because once I score that patent, it’s gonna cost ya.)

*Seriously, check out the blogroll. I’ve linked to some of them in posts before (although apparently there is a proper protocol for this of which I am completely ignorant, so I’m a little leery of doing that again.) But I have them all in my Google Reader under “The Best” now. And yes, I realize I keep pointing you all to other stuff to read instead of creating content myself. It’s much easier than thinking up stuff to write.


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just wanted to invite you to my blog at http://www.drunkdreamer8.com if you needed some encouragment today.

Comment by drunkdreamer8

I think you might have something there with the ‘how not to make friends in the xxx.” I’m thinking about all of the ways you can diversify your product line– with the dentist’s receptionist, with the doctor’s nurse who doesn’t call in Rx’s like she said she would, with the daycare teachers who keep misspelling your child’s very simple name. I see lots of potential.

Was Michelle Pfeiffer somebody’s muse in a movie a long time ago?

Comment by Allison


I can’t believe I didn’t see the possibilities myself. Obviously, you should be Director of Marketing. Let me know when we can get started; I’ll get to work collecting blurbs from the Fin Aid group about how they were scared not to help me 🙂

Comment by waltzinexile

#2 describes one of the main reasons my blog gets neglected too!

You nailed this in your own blog, though, when you said that finding a good blog is like finding a great serial story [LOVE. THEM] — that is exactly why this point takes up so much time! I want to read it all, all the backstory, see what happens IN ORDER…. It’s so much better than waiting for an author to put out a new book in a series!

Comment by Karen

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