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Over herd in the Haute
7 August 2008, 6:38 pm
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Goat #2 (with awe): Daddy? Dat new faucet, Daddy? It’s welly, welly pwetty. I like it. It’s SO nice. Is it big enough?
Me: Wow, little one, you’re really intrigued by this faucet. You’re like Daddy’s own little Bob Vila!
Goat #2: I am not! I’m his DAUGHTER.


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I wonder what Bob Vila thinks about that!

Comment by Auds

I love that phase, Dad did too, if you called her anything but her name she would yell, “I not ____ I [Niecey]!” Dad would call her the weirdest things just to get her to repeat them. I was somewhat exempt from it though, I could usually call her whatever I wanted because I am the awesome Auntie Kee. Not even I am allowed to say her middle name, even now, she HATES her middle name, haha.

We have NO IDEA where Goat #2 gets this headstrong, temperamental stubbornness….

Comment by Karen

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