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9 August 2008, 8:56 pm
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When I left for the grocery store, P2 looked like this:

Not as bowl-cut-y as it looks

He's the one on the left

And when I got home, I couldn’t find my mini-Keith Partridge ANYwhere. But this nice little boy was here, and I thought “Eh, we can keep him, I guess. Hair grows.”



The best part? About two hours later, while playing a raucous game of tag with him, P3 stopped suddenly and said “HEY! Der’s something different ’bout your hair….!”


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At least P3 isn’t rockin’ a Sharon Stone pixie style a a 4 year old I once had…..

Oh, I’m on the verge of shaving her head, too. Every night it’s a full-blown meltdown to get her hair washed, conditioned, and brushed, and morning brushouts aren’t much better. I’m pretty sure her daddy would divorce me if I even bobbed her hair, though.</strong>

Comment by maggie

He looks like one of the Ferguson kids now.

He DOES, doesn’t he? Also just like all of his maternal boy cousins. Or however you say it when you mean “the male cousins he has from Mama’s brothers and sisters.” Which is weird, since everyone still says how much he looks like Goat Daddy.

Comment by Misty

3 year olds can be soooo observant, haha! I think he rocks the buzz cut!

Ours is pretty observant when she takes a break from being totally self-absorbed, anyway. And yes, he rocks the buzz cut, but I really liked the shaggy Keith Partridge thing he had going on before. It really wasn’t all bowl cut-y like it looks in that picture at all.

Comment by Karen

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