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11 August 2008, 8:12 pm
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So Auds over at Barking Mad has invited everyone to host a blogger dinner party during the month of August. It’s a virtual dinner party (which is good, because we all know I have no friends in the Haute) and I’m supposed to invite 10 bloggers whom I admire and would like to “break bread with.” (Obviously, Auds has some idea how poorly I bake.) Here’s my Top Ten Ten-Top (in no particular order):

  1. Bronson Page of Lovesick Billy & Sam Page of PeaceLoveLunges— And yes, I’m only counting them as one guest. Not because I think all married people are a single entity (As if!) Auds said married couples are two-fers, so I’m taking advantage. But they have to come, or everything will be ruined. Why, you ask? To start with, hot hot HOT men, even men who aren’t eligible bachelors, make for good calorie-free eye candy for the party. And these two are smokin’. But they’re not just nice to look at. They’re both übertalented writers and will make you want to laugh almost as much as you want to reach out and poke their biceps. Plus, Bronson thinks that Friends are like STDs (Except Better), and bonus! — Sam will make sure we all know the best way to work off gourmet dinner calories.
  2. Cynical Nymph — Except for her unfortunate shortsightedness re: casting Dagny Taggart, this woman has incredible insights. And by incredible, I mean “thinks like me.” I’ll start to read and then all of a sudden, I notice I’m nodding in agreement (yes, even though no one can see me. I’m weird like that.) I just want to pick her brain. Also, because of her job, she’s pretty darn anonymous, and I hate not knowing stuff. So I’d get to find out her real name, maybe.
  3. Antigone from Antigone Lost— Because I’ve wanted to give her a hug since the day I discovered her blog, and I’m not a good enough writer to do it with words.
  4. Jason from Kottke.org – Cuz if anyone can tell you how to make your blog work for you, this link-collecting, eclectic guru is the one.
  5. Bejewell of The Bean — Because she called me “Fucking Awesome.” And she’d be the one to put everyone at ease immediately by yelling “Your blog is FUCKING AWESOME” as they came in. The Julie McCoy of the party, if you will.
  6. Auds at Barking Mad — Because it was her idea, and because anyone who loves Maine as much as I do (yet still hates blueberries and maple syrup) has to come. Besides, she was the first blogger I didn’t know (in the real world) who put me in her blogroll. She’s the equivalent of the new girl in 8th grade who didn’t know me from Eve and befriended me anyway. She’s got a standing invite.
  7. Mimi Smartypants of smartypants’ diary — Erudite and foul-mouthed. What more could I ask for in a dinner guest? Besides, I think her daughter Nora is made for Goat #1, what with the love of all things Spider-Man.
  8. Allison aka TrixFiend of That’s What She Blogged — Another two-fer, for one thing. For thing two, she’s a self-professed lover of Trixie Belden going back to her own childhood, and those books were a way bigger part of my childhood than I have ever admitted publicly (until now. Oops.) For thing three, “that’s what she blogged” is in my top five all-time blog names. And her husband, Matt, the other half of the two-fer, has another of the top five names himself with Licensed to Blog. Plus, I want to hear Allison’s “What happened in the men’s locker room” story LIVE. Dinner theater!
  9. Now, technically, with only 10 seats here, I’m full-up, thanks to the two-fers. But they’re married couples, so I have no problem telling them to just sit on each other so I can invite two more bloggers.

  10. Robert B. Parker – Prolific novelist and inconsistent blogger, but a blogger nonetheless. And the only adult author to alleviate the dull ache for recurring characters I’ve had ever since Trixie and the Bob-Whites stopped having meetings. I have read every book the man has ever published, including his dissertation (yes, I’m that big a geek.) And since he often updates his blog with info about what his sons are doing, he sorta even qualifies as “Daddyblogger” (and the only reason I wouldn’t say that to his face is because I hate that word almost as much as I hate “Mommyblogger.”) Also, from the way he writes about food, I know he’d enjoy a dinner party. I wonder if I could persuade him to cook….?
  11. And last, but certainly not least, Yet Another Girl – Because anyone clever/geeky enough to make their header “<WAX></WAX>” can come to my house anytime. And she knows of what she speaks rants: web design.

Now if only I can find something to wear….


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Oh you didn’t have to invite me!!!! But I’m glad you did because I’m kinda hungry. Creating graphics gave me a wicked appetite.

I was just telling Andrea over at Little Bald Doctors that my blog reader is going to explode with all these new ads. And that’s what I wanted when I started this thing…But dude, I’m going to have to take a speed reading class just to fit them ALL in in the space of a month!

Awesome party! Awesome invites!

Hey, what did you serve?


Um…I’m sorta hoping we’re all too busy talking to notice there’s no food…?

Comment by Auds

Count me in. I would offer to bring dessert, but my last attempt flopped…literally. Maybe bread? I look forward to talking Trixie 🙂

Hey, I’ve seen that so-called flop. You’re STILL on the hook for dessert!

Comment by Allison

[…] in blog writing, even further behind in blog reading, and I have yet to plan a dessert for the blog dinner party to which I have been invited.  Instead, I (like the rest of America) have been firmly planted in […]

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I think you just did.

Comment by Antigone

[…] Decahedron In which I prove I am out of my league when tagged by Auds the first time (although I had the best title.) (What. I SO did.) […]

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