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Overheard at Grad School Orientation
18 August 2008, 11:18 am
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Library Representative/Speaker: We have a LOT of books.

Student Counseling Center Representative/Speaker: How many of you are planning to get an STD this year?

Student Judicial Programs Representative/Speaker: I certainly hope that all of you who attended this university for your undergraduate degree remember what constitutes academic misconduct and use that information in pursuit of your graduate degree.

Office of Sponsored Programs Representative/Speaker: Unlike faculty, we are always reachable.

Provost: I can’t believe how many of you stayed here after you got your undergraduate degrees!


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Awww…they are so comforting aren’t they? I bet you are completely at peace with your decision to begin grad school this fall after that wonderful orientation full of optimism and support.

Actually, I feel pretty secure about my ability to do impressive work if this is the team of rocket scientists I’ll be reporting to….!

Comment by Nat

You expected things to be different? Silly Goat Mama…This is not the home of the Buckeyes.

It’s no longer odd to me that most of the students say they go to I S(crewed) U(p) 🙂

Comment by Heather

Well, how many of the people said they planned on getting an STD this year?

I wonder if that’s anything like when my orthodontist asked if I was pursuing my MRS degree before I left for college.

There were a couple of frat-boy types who raised their hands, actually. I have no idea what their discipline(s) is(are) but surely one doesn’t need a graduate degree to achieve that goal…?

Comment by Allison

It is STI now, STD is so 2007! What sucks is STD is so ingrained that I always forget to say STI. The I is for infection, which is apparently a less scary word that might result in less stigma and more testing and getting treated. Or at least that is what a nurse or someone told me.

I encountered several undergrads who learned a lot about plagiarism, I helped catch and fail several as an undergrad chemistry lab TA. At least one was prepharmacology. I accept your thanks ahead of time for playing a part in putting a definite stumbling block in front of someone who wanted to deal with medications but had to cheat in general chemistry lab!

More importantly how many pens and other such trinkets did you score, that is the real reason to go to the orientations!

Comment by Karen

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