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3 September 2008, 10:20 am
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Welcome to [Almost] Wordless Wednesday, where I’m going to let the pictures do the bragging.  On Saturday, while Goat #2 and I lay on our deathbeds, Goat #1 went with Goat Daddy to his (Goat Daddy’s) alma mater: The Ohio State University. For his (Goat #1’s) first Buckeye game ever. He loved the ‘shoe (actually, much like the movie theater, he really seems to love concessions more than events) but he loved the Number Garden more. Check out the cutest little Buckeye ever:

Feel free to tell me how adorable he is. Or send an agent our way. Seriously, he’s got Penney’s catalog written all over him.


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What a great way for the kids to learn their numbers. Your cute little guy looks like he had a blast with the over sized numbers.

He has an odd propensity to climb into/onto things…but the numbers make him look much smarter while he’s doing it! 🙂

Comment by North Dakota Ward's

Wow, a number garden. What a neat thing.

Happy Wednesday! This week I’m featuring an elephant over at History Is Elementary, a wonderful place in Atlanta for a girly lunch over at Georgia on My Mind, and over at Got Bible? I featured an ancient New Testament town.

I’ve probably seen that garden a thousand times in my life but it definitely seems cooler to me seen through the eyes of a six year old…

Comment by elementaryhistoryteacher

I KNOW WHERE THOSE ARE! See, those three years spent in hell, oops I mean, Newark/Columbus, OH weren’t all for naught!

I think I even have some pics of me, whilst I was working at WCOL and WNCI in Cols, with some other DJ’s, acting like jackasses on those very numbers for some stupid radio promo!

Your kids are adorable!

Awww, thanks. We think they’re sorta cute. Which is good, considering it’s too late to try to return them. I don’t even have the receipts anymore.
Just so you know, we LIKE Columbus. We reserve “hell” for when we talk about the 15 months we lived in IOWA…

Comment by Auds

Those are great shots! He’s a cutie. I think number 8 is my favorite!

That seems to be the crowd favorite! Hmmmm…..perhaps it’s time for a new banner shot?

Comment by foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

Okay, the Bean retains the title of Cutest Baby Ever but now Goat #1 clearly holds the title of Cutest Big Kid Ever. And Goat #2 holds the title of Cutest Little Girl Ever. We make some cute kids, huh.

I agree with you about the Bean, but until you have another one, I’m winning 2-1 LOL

Comment by bejewell

Next time you should put Goat #2 in the other side of the 8, 2X the cute goatness =)! And you got it all wrong, it goes, “Is the HEAVEN?” “No, it’s Iowa.” and remember the reverent, totally not sarcastic tone. I don’t think there are many who can deliver that line without totally cracking up.

Funny story, my parents decided to have their honeymoon be a camping trip. One stop was in Iowa (they were going to Missouri as I recall). The campground had one tree, and it was a pathetic baby tree. And after they got there at some point the wind changed and they were downwind from a hog farm. In the morning they didn’t even stop for breakfast, they got in the truck and headed straight for the boarder. Oh how Daddy made fun of me for moving here!

Comment by Karen

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