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14 October 2008, 8:44 pm
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So Goat #2’s hair.

and it smells like strawberries!

and it smells like strawberries!

Doesn’t look like much, right? Except for the fact that it takes a minimum of: 13 minutes to shampoo & condition (no lather, rinse, repeat, either); 13 more minutes to convince her to get out of the tub NOW (obviously, we’re working from different meanings of “now” here in Exile); 5 minutes to dry off wriggly little bodies enough to get the panties (WOOO HOOO no more Pull-Ups!) and pajamas on; 7 minutes to comb through without pulling (“No More Tangles” my. ass.) to get to this point.


and it still smells like strawberries!

and it still smells like strawberries!

That is a minimum of 1 hour, 11 minutes. EVERY DAY. For HAIR. That, my friends (bwahahaha) (sorry), is not just love. That is mother love. That is why I am a multi-tasking machine who still doesn’t have time to blog. That is COMMITMENT.

(And the fact that Goat Daddy has threatened to divorce me if I get her hair cut.)

And if I’m feeling super industrious and have 19 more minutes to devote to the brushing, parting, wrestling, immobilizing, banding, removing, and starting over, we get pigtails:

still. smell. strawberries.

still. smell. strawberries.


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adorable! time well spent.
(but you are making me glad I have boys!)

Comment by pgoodness

Kan Isa haz teh hare?

Comment by Heather

Ohmeeeeegawwwwd. She is perfection!! I would pay gigantic cash money for hair that fabulous!

Good work, Super Mom!

Comment by Lesley

I took Muirne in (I swear our girls are sisters somehow lol) and got her hair cut (a trim really about 4 inches) and my hubby FREAKED OUT that I cut too much. That was a couple months ago and it already grew back. Get a good professional layered cut. Dont’ lose length if you don’t want to, but at least a trim and layers. You will thank me later.

Comment by KD @ A Bit Squirrelly

Good grief that kid is beautiful!

Does she nave seriously curly hair? Because Imp has, well you’ve seen the pics, wicked curly hair and I can’t do ANYTHING with it unless it’s wet!

You’re doing an awesome job. And just wait…hang in there a few more years and she’ll be doing it all herself!

Comment by Auds at Barking Mad

That is some seriously special hair. Definitely worth 1+ hours. I’d probably threaten something rash if you cut it, too.

Who’s the genetic redhead, btw? Mr. or Mrs. Waltz?

Comment by Cynical Nymph

I love that conditioner stuff. I’m impressed she could grow her hair that long – I know lots of people whose kids are three who haven’t ever had a haircut and it’s not past their shoulders!

Comment by Tranny Head

Do you need to wash it every day? Or could you get away with every other day or even (*gasp*) a few times a week?

Decreasing the amount of hair time may be sanity saving.

Otherwise I vote for handing off bath duty He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named-But-Doesn’t-Want-To-Cut-The-Hair-Ahem.

Comment by aliasmother

I am going to join the Goat 2 is fricking adorable club, she is so cute! Kayla has very very fine hair that mats up a bit. When she visited me Daddy only packed the essentials (minus shirts for himself, he totally forgot that minor detail, lol) so at bath time we used my shampoo and conditioner. I use dove intensive care (or whatever it is called), which makes my hair awesome. I’d wash her hair towards the beginning of her soak and put in the conditioner and let her play until she was bored or flooded the bathroom (usually both). I rinsed it out, brushed it out while wet and her hair was very nice and easy to brush the next day.

If Goat Daddy were in charge of taking care of it I wonder how long it would be before she got a haircut…

Comment by Karen

She is a Doll, I had boys!! and one is the lead plumber at our company…we have had a blast for year!

Comment by christheplumber

[…] an inch off of the ends of Goat #2’s hair. You know, cut 4 minutes of disentanglement from our nightly ritual and have all that extra time to myself, […]

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