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16 November 2008, 10:23 pm
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I have had about as much as I can take.*







Claiming that Prop 8 protesters are the intolerant ones is specious and indicative of either inadequate critical thinking skills or deliberate use of sophistry to misrepresent the opposition.  In neither case do I have any clue what to do about it; logic is not an effective means of fighting the willfully ignorant nor the intentionally misleading.  Ideas, anyone?

*Don’t think that I’m unaware that you guys are the wrong audience for this statement; I’m just venting. Also not lost on me: the irony that you all may have had about as much as you can take of my tirades.


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You are not alone dearest…and you are so right.

Comment by kd@abitsquirrelly

Vent away! You know that you have an apt audience in me.

Comment by Auds at Barking Mad

Vent freely because I, for one, am with you, and it’s good for me to know I’m not alone…especially since I live in the heart of a very red state. (Although, thankfully, our area isn’t so red.)

Comment by Steph

I love your “tirades” – which are not at all tirade-y and are instead PASSIONATE and true passion for a cause is magnetic and admirable and infectious! I, too, am equally disgusted by this. And ashamed of my state. We get a BIG FAIL. F for FAIL. F for F*CKTARDS. And honestly? This push from the Mormon church that is being found for putting 8’s passing over the top makes this all feel unfairly fixed and not very democratic process-like.

Opposition to intolerance is NOT intolerant. It is, instead, essential. For the sake of each other, ourselves, our children, our world.

Comment by lesleykim

You are always welcome to bend my ear and vent away. I don’t have answers, but it helps to know you are not alone and staying quiet only allows the oppression to continue. I hold onto the the knowledge that we are here for such a time as this. For who will speak out with and for our brothers and sisters if not us? But…Deep in my heart I do believe We shall overcome some day.

Comment by Heather

YOU. ARE. RIGHT. And what else is a blog for if not for venting about important things that PISS YOU OFF? 🙂

Comment by Sus

So very true. Did you hear that the Yes on 8 campaign Frank Schubert called the No on 8 ralliers a bunch of “terrorists?” He said, “These cowardly acts are intended to terrorize people. They mean to frighten and to intimidate the people who supported Proposition 8 and those who have stood up for traditional marriage. This is the very definition of terrorism and that is what is occurring in California today.” Unbelievable. The hypocrisy just gets more ridiculous each day.

Comment by culturepress

I haven’t heard a coherent argument yet from any of these Pro-Hate8 people. Blogging seems to be the only way that the rest of us can have our (relatively) sane “voices” heard. So VENT away…cue cheesy music…That’s What Blogs Are For

Comment by thebenevolentdictator

Not just Dionne…Elton, Gladys Knight and Stevie Wonder too.

Comment by thebenevolentdictator

You already know I will say this, but:


Comment by Cynical Nymph

If you think about traditional marriage, the symbolism throughout the ceremony and wording, I say traditional marriage is the problem not gay marriage.

Comment by Karen

It’s soooooo great to see so many supportive voices here after my “skewering” last week by Michelle Malkin and the other neocons. (In addition to being called “terrorists” we’re also now being called “gay thugs.” Sigh.

Comment by Sam Page

Gay thugs, really? That’s supposed to be a term that reasonably intelligent people throw around to describe others.

Comment by thebenevolentdictator

I have to agree with Karen. I think that the objection of same-sex marriages rests more in the fact that it threatens the patriarchal hierarchy than in the union itself. It seems the most vocal objectors to same-sex unions are also the institutions that hold dearly to their traditional gender roles.

Comment by Heather

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