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2 December 2008, 9:14 pm
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Alternate title: More Panic! Still no disco.

I went to trim about an inch off of the ends of Goat #2’s hair. You know, cut 4 minutes of disentanglement from our nightly ritual and have all that extra time to myself, right?

She jerked her head just as I was making the first cut.

Now she has a shoulder-length bob thing going on.

When Goat Daddy gets home tonight, I’m going to either be killed or divorced.

It’s been great knowing you.

Maybe he won’t notice. What do y’all think?

The visible shoulder blades are  probably a dead giveaway, huh?

The visible shoulder blades are probably a dead giveaway, huh?

Never mind. I’m a dead woman. Oh, well. It only took me 33 minutes to wash and dry it; that’s 38 extra minutes all to myself before I leave this earthly plane, right?


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OMG – NOOOOOOOOOOOO…I might help him….
Wait, no hair grows, really it does, in this span of things this won’t matter – five years from now you won’t remember this – that is what I meant to say, yeah…

Comment by Heather

Oh, dude. DUDE! Um. My condolences.

But seriously, it’s hair. It grows back.

But put it in a bun. Quick, before he gets home!

Comment by Steph

Oh Steph – she was just telling me she could pull that off for months so he would never know – your timing is hilarious!

Comment by Heather

When I was 5 I cut off a pigtail. An ENTIRE PIGTAIL.

This is NOTHING.

Comment by bejewell

OMG!! What happened to the plan we hashed taking her to a kids hairdresser and having it layered like Muirne’s???

Comment by kd@abitsquirrelly

It still looks adorably cute and girly from that side! It’ll either grow or grow on him! 😉

Comment by foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

i would cut my own damn hair if i could. well, in fact I have. that turned out well as the GFYO’s kinda-cool kinda-really bad skater boy hairdo.

Curly hair (mine) offers favors. You’re good.

Comment by mspickettoyou

See? You could totally have watched almost a whole episode of True Blood with that 38 minutes.

Comment by Cynical Nymph

Since we are dealing with the Locks of Love growth at our house (how freakin’ long can it take to grow 10 freakin’ inches?!), I for one am INSANELY jealous! And I think its cute.

Comment by Stacy

And this is why I never ever ever will ever cut my own child’s hair ever ever no not ever again!

Seriously though, it doesn’t look that bad. And at the rate hair grows, especially little kid hair, it’ll be back in no time!

Comment by Auds at Barking Mad

It looks fantastic! My mom kept my hair cut in a bob just below my ears forever because it was such a hassle to comb and fix. I still have to be convinced to grow it much longer.

Comment by shaggerty

Reading over the other comments, I do need to jump in and add my voice to the “I think it looks really cute” contingent.

What did Goat Daddy have to say about the whole business?

Comment by Cynical Nymph

Oh, pishposh. It’s hair. Now it will look even better in two ponytails. And I’m willing to bet that the Goat enjoyed those extra 38 minutes, too. Tell him you intend to use those 38 minutes for “Other Things” and I bet the complaining will stop.

Comment by aliasmother

I am so excited, I am your 14th comment. I read your post yesterday, but haven’t posted since…are you still alive?

Comment by TracyB

Crap, I just saw you got 15 on your last post (11/27). I was all excited about being the 14th commenter, now you are tied with 15 on two posts. Maybe I will leave another later just so you have 16. See what happens when I stop lurking!

Comment by TracyB

And someone said she never gets any comments.

Comment by Sam Page

Her hair is so pretty. I have a kid with thick tangly hair and the washing and combing of it sucks. It wouldn’t be so bad without all the screaming though.

Comment by blissfully caffeinated

God, what gorgeous hair and from the back it looks pretty cute. You ever know, he might actually like it better!

Comment by Izzy

I think it looks good! If your hubby gives you problems, I’ll be happy to kick his ass for you.

Comment by Tranny Head

[…] figured out: if I ask for comments, I don’t get them. I have to do something outrageous, like cut the baby’s hair, to get comments out of you people. Well, I can’t do THAT again, sorry; I’m not […]

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