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5 December 2008, 2:53 pm
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Call me a nerd, but I thought some of these were pretty cute: Eight Best Techie Marriage Proposals

I must be even nerdier than I thought, because although I enjoyed every single one of these, they still don’t hold a candle to the Goat Daddy proposing in the middle of an argument. That we were having because he wrecked my car. On my birthday.

Those dorks had nothin’ on Goat Daddy. Psssssh. Please.  The only commitment a diamond ring symbolizes is a commitment to debt. Where’s the real commitment? Show me the body shop invoice!

Got a good proposal story of your own? Leave it here in the comments!


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OMG he proposed after he Wrecked your CAR?? Bwahahahaaa! Awesome.

Comment by kd@abitsquirrelly

That. Is. Awesome. Goat Daddy? Is probably my new hero.

Comment by Steph

My sweetie showed up four hours late for Christmas at my grandmother’s without calling, then proposed in the driveway. Given that he was 45 minutes late for our first date, what did I expect?

Comment by shaggerty

I surprised the Big Bean with a trip to New Orleans and he surprised me back with a ring. It was all pretty cool actually. He made this big speech in the middle of a restaurant on Bourbon Street, then a street singer followed us as we walked and sang Let’s Stay Together to us, which is to this day “our” song.

No fights, which for us at the time was QUITE unusual.

We did, however, have a HUGE fight when we tried to register for gifts. In the mall parking lot. We were so loud that people stopped to stare, and then I started yelling at them, too.

Comment by bejewell

I didn’t want a diamond engagement ring. My husband got us both bands, then cleverly (or, um, not) hid the ring box inside an inner tube box since we were going mountain biking that day. When he handed me the inner tube box and I opened it, finding nothing inside, he realized he had left the rings at our apartment. And then he asked me the question everyone wants to hear: “Will you marry me anyway?”

Good times.

Comment by patty

I loved when my husband proposed: no ring (save the money, honey), but me lounging on a futon on the floor, and he crawled into the room with a plate full of pancakes and a woodcut made by a local artist (“Fox on a Journey”).

He knocked me up on that futon later that night.

Comment by Jocelyn

That is so. freaking. perfect.

Comment by Cynical Nymph

You know it is true love when you say yes in those circumstances!

Comment by Karen

My husband and I were hitchhiking home from a car breakdown and, while riding in the back of some stranger’s El Camino, decided to get married. No official “proposal” – just came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea. This after dating only two weeks. Got married six weeks later and have now been married 21 years. (Over here from Dad Gone Mad – I, too, wish I could comment my *ss off!)

Comment by Sharon

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