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1 January 2009, 12:53 am
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Wow, what a year. Turned 38 (yikes), potty-trained the most stubborn preschooler in.the.world, bought a minivan (Vinnieman), got a BS in Comm, started a blog, had a summer nanny, started grad school, voted for a winner (FINALLY), and joined an online protest for marriage equality. Made a ton of new “imaginary” friends in teh ‘puter (you know who you all are. Which is good. Because in these waning minutes of 2008, as I tried to round up all of your names from my “Best Mommies” folder on Google Reader [to put right here and show my love], I um…yeah, I uh…I deleted everybody. I have no freaking idea how. It’s like Google Reader heard me say I wanted to start fresh in ’09, and poof! So — feel free to leave me comments so I can rebuild my Reader list.)

(I know that sounds like blatant fishing for comments, but it’s truly not. I have you people figured out: if I ask for comments, I don’t get them. I have to do something outrageous, like cut the baby’s hair, to get comments out of you people. Well, I can’t do THAT again, sorry; I’m not starting 2009 with Goat Daddy kicking me out of the house just to get some comment love.)

Here’s to 2008 and all that was (including bad haircuts). Here’s to 2009 and all that will be (including hair growing out. And rebuilding Reader lists. And oh, yeah, a little thing like a new POTUS).

Love and cheers from Exile (*clink*Veuve Clicquot*clink*)

**UPDATED: DUH. I’ll use my blogroll.
**UPDATED #2: Swear to God we JUST opened the champagne.


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This is why I don’t use a reader. It’s just too complicated for my sad, simple little mind. Wait — don’t take it personally! I’m not calling YOU simple or sad, I’m just saying that…

Oh hell, never mind.

Happy new year.

Comment by bejewell

The first day of 2009 is almost in the can. I kind of feel the same way; however, I’m slowly passing through my Reader to wish you a happy new year!

Comment by foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

I don’t use a reader so whenever people talk about things having to do with a reader, I get confused and lost and did I mention confused?? I like to come around the small lists of sites I faithfully follow (including this one!) in person. (Wait. I think that’s the difference in the way it works…right? DURRRRRR.)

Cheers to you! I so look forward to many more funny/entertaining/touching posts from you in 2009.

Comment by lesleykim

One of my resolutions this year was to learn to use a reader, but now that I know one can accidentally/unintentionally delete everyone in one’s reader, I’m totally going to have to rethink that.

Anyway, Merry 2009! I, like so many others I’m sure, look forward to more fantastically entertaining posts!

Comment by The Jones

All these things happened, and I just found you! Think of all I missed! Here is to having a great 2009! Maybe the year I start a blog, instead of just reading others…

Comment by TracyB

Happy New Year!

Comment by Nevis

Your comment fishing isn’t nearly as obnoxious as mine. I’m a complete biotch. But then again, you probably already knew that.

Comment by Tranny Head

I use my blog roll as my reader, before I just had all the blogs I read bookmarked, I like the new method since blogger tells which ones have been updated since last I checked. I’d wait and see before bragging about your winner too much, my home state is such a political cesspool I don’t believe it is capable of producing a true winner, just corrupt bastards that can win elections. Wonder how long an impeachment takes, that arrogant jerk actually chose someone for the senate seat!

Oh and Niecey is way more stubborn, she was almost 5 before being fully potty trained, as in the month of her birthday we/they finally convinced her she needed to use the toilet. She started kindergarten the next month, we were quite worried she would not be potty using in time. Crazy kids, at least they are totally adorable!

Happy New Year!

Comment by Karen

Happy, happy! 2008 turned out to be a bit of a disaster for me, but I have high hopes for 2009. Hope spring eternal!

Wishing much goodness to all of you in Exile.

Comment by aliasmother

The end of 2008 was almost the end of me. I really needed a new year, too. Cheers! (clank*Fifth of Vodka*clank).

Comment by smalltownsmalltimes

My blogroll is my blog reader. I had a reader for a month and it blew up, if that tells you anything!

Happy Happy 2009! So glad to have “met” you (well, in that way that only a blogger understands) and hope your New Year is filled with health, happines and love!

Comment by Auds

Hi there, and Happy New Year!! You sure did have an eventful 2008 😉

Here’s to an awesome 2009!

Comment by culturepress

Wow. You did a lot. YOU GO.

Comment by Stephanie

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