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Over herd in the Haute
29 January 2009, 4:21 pm
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It’s Day #2 of no school ’round here, thanks to the blanket of snow that dumped on Tuesday. We’re more than a little cabin fevery, so I was appreciating the quiet instead of doing what a good Mom does when it’s too quiet (wondering what the goats are up to. Duh.)

Goat #2 (coming in to my room, where I am trying [and failing miserably] to get some work done): Mama? Mama, I need headphones.

Me (trying to refocus my attention and not really believing I’ve heard her correctly): Um…you need what? Headphones? Why?

Goat #2: For Lego Batman. I need headphones.

Me (getting up to follow her into the office to see what in the world she’s talking about): Let me see what you’re talking about.

Me (upon spying Goat #1 in front of the computer, wearing a set of headphones and seeing the empty chair beside him): Oh, I think I see.

Me (pulling the headphones away from Goat #1’s ear so he can hear me): Why are you using the headset and not letting your sister hear? That’s not very nice.

Goat #1: But Mom! She CAN’T hear this. There are VERY BAD WORDS in this.

Me (*facepalm*): Goat #1, if there are words too bad for Goat #2 to hear, then they are too bad for you, also. What exactly are you watching?

Me (unplugging headset from computer): I really don’t–

YouTube Batman & Robin Video: …but you can’t be hanging out with those bitches! Those hos are smoking crack! You know they’re —

Me (frantically trying to either turn down the volume or close the webpage and doing neither): OH. MY. GOD.

Me (finally finding volume button): Okay, I think we’re going to have to have some new computer rules around here…

Goat #1: But Mom! I LOVE LEGO BATMAN MOM! Please Mom! I wouldn’t say those words, Mom!

Goat #2: Mama? What’s ‘smoking crack’?

Me: School better not be cancelled again tomorrow.

We probably should have just stuck with yesterday’s agenda and done this:

Daddy engineered a slope for them

Daddy engineered a slope for them

For some reason, he put his head down instead of up and kept faceplanting at the bottom.  Sigh.

For some reason, he put his head down instead of up and kept faceplanting at the bottom. Sigh.

Just like the kid in A Christmas Story.

Just like the kid in A Christmas Story.


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As the mother of two boys with obsessive personality disorders when it comes to YouTube (they watch WWE wrestling clips and such), I feel your pain…and have had the same talk.

Comment by foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

Dumb question…How do kids even learn how to do this stuff? I need to know because I only have 3 months left to childproof my life!

Comment by Nat

Legoes shouldn’t be talking about hos.

My kid tried to stick her tongue on a pole at daycare. Sheesh.

Comment by Allison

Well when he puts it that way… That is pretty much the same line Niecey would give, “But I like it/want to!” she does not comprehend why I say it isn’t a logical argument because if she didn’t like it or want to do whatever then we would not be discussing the issue, lol!

Comment by Karen

I also learned of some covert YouTube viewing at my house when my five year old skipped to school singing “You’re so ugly, you disgust me” – lyrics from a song she learned (by listening to AGAIN and AGAIN) on YouTube.

“Mommy – what’s a skank?”

Comment by smalltownsmalltimes

P.S. Great snow fun — so clean.

Comment by smalltownsmalltimes

Man, the snow looks so fun! We had ice in FL yesterday. Woohoo. And Lego Batman and Robin? I’m gonna have to look that up on Youtube. You know, for research 😉

Comment by Caffeinatrix

See, I have been saying for ages now that Legos are the spawn of Satan! As if stepping on the f*ckers barefoot isn’t bad enough, now we have to worry about them teaching our kids about the rotten underbelly of street life!

Comment by Auds

A friend who’s a wonderful mother recently stepped away from supervising her 9 year old son on the computer to see what the dog was barking at, and came back to find him watching oral sex. HOLY COW. Better they hear about hos smokin crack, probably. Are you in Terre Haute by any chance? Why can’t I remember if we already located each other in the same state?

Comment by Sus (wigglerooms)

Oh, and I ADORE the new banner.

Comment by Sus (wigglerooms)

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