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Teh wun wayr I show mah wrdl.
8 February 2009, 11:26 am
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Look at that thing. Dull, dull, dull. Duller than dull. It’s like a 4th grader writes this blog. I bet if you wordled a Nancy Drew book, the only difference between Nancy’s wordle and my wordle would be that “Goat” would be replaced with “Jeepers” or something.

That’s ridiculously dull. Hence the LOLtitle. To liven things up, I mean.
Except here I am overusing “ridiculously” in this post and reinforcing the format of my dull dull dull wordle.
Apparently I need to swear more on this blog. It’s effing dull.
Also, I need to stop using the word “apparently.” Dagnabbit.
And the world “also.” WTF I ask you.

***UPDATED: In an odd coincidence, someone way cooler than I has posted a Wordle on her site this morning and it’s way more fun than this. You want to see a work of profane art? Get thee to The Bloggess’ wordle.


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I had no idea you were so obsessed with goats.

Comment by Jenny, Bloggess

At least you used a brightly colored happy font! That livens things up a little. Goat.

Comment by Caleb

Apparently, I use the word ‘apparently’ in my blog a lot, too. Almost as much as I apparently use the word ‘actually,’ too.

Comment by foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

According to Wordle I, like, use the word “like,” like, ALL the time. Like, you know.

Comment by bejewell

I am TERRIFIED to ever do a wordle for my blog. TERRIFIED.

Comment by Steph

*laughing* I know. I love your initals “T&A” thats why I used it…because it totally cracks me up. 🙂

Comment by Nevis

Dude, at least your computer will produce a wordle for you. I’ve been trying for months and months and am frozen every time. So I don’t even KNOW how dull I am. And how much I need to purge DUDE from my vocabulary. Dude.

Comment by Sus (wigglerooms)

Thank you for phrasing it “someone way cooler than I” and not “someone way cooler than me.” I love you.

Comment by Cynical Nymph

I am so out of it I didn’t know there was such a thing. I’m a little scared of it. Yet curious. Yet apathetic. Yet intrigued. Yet torn. Hmmm…

Comment by aliasmother

Dude. You are in good company. I did a “test my blog’s reading level” thing and the outcome?


Thank you. Thank you very much.

Comment by Lesley

I need to put together a new Wordle. I did one over the summer and something tells me it’s time for another one. I betcha anything the F word is going to be predominant!

Comment by Auds

I don’t know if I wanna try this one or not… The reading level one intrigues me, maybe I’ll do that sometime, though as I am getting ready to start writing what will be my first publication that “counts” (according to my boss a letter in the daily does not) I’m not sure if I want to know if my writing places me in contention with some of the contestants on Jeff Foxworthy’s game show! After 20 years of schooling I hope I am “smarter” than a 5th grader!!!!!

Comment by Karen

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