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28 February 2009, 3:06 am
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Alternative title: It’s all right if you love me…It’s all right if you don’t

So….a “Best of” metapost. Just what you wanted, I’m sure. And I know I just did something very similar.  But people, this is for a $250 gift card.  And not just any $250 gift card, a Target gift card.  Tarjhay! Gift! Card! So bear with me and my repetitious postage and maybe I’ll buy you some cute little travel-size things with my winnings. I don’t know if these are the posts that readers like the most (let’s be fair: I have no idea what you guys will like and what you won’t. I beg for comments, and 3 of you take pity on me. I trim my daughter’s hair, and you people go BATSHIT) but Auds said I had to put up MY favorites. So here they are:

Opuscule In which my son writes me a note.

Extern In which I attempt to portray the essence of Goat #2.

Echolocation In which I realize my children may not be Daddy clones after all.

Eidoloclast In which I bore even myself with the mundane.

Trepidity In which I ponder the not-adventurousness of Goat #1.

Surreptition In which we begin to realize Goat #2’s Guardian Angels are probably getting triple overtime. Also – yes, I’m aware that it’s not a real word. But at least 17 google searchers have found this blog by typing the fake word in the text box. Which makes me much happier than it should.

Salmagundi In which I prove how very very Australian I can be.

Hootenanny In which I make my children sound much more horrid than they really are (again).

Petition In which I detail my lack of motherhood skillz, and also malign the honeydew.

Etiolation In which I showcase a real blog, and get my first real blogger comment in return (aka the start of a beautiful friendship).

N/A-Bling In which I bare quite a bit of my soul (this is probably my favorite.) I know I’m supposed to throw “I’m not afraid of you running away” in here somewhere, but really, I am. Be nice.

Decahedron In which I prove I am out of my league when tagged by Auds the first time (although I had the best title.) (What. I SO did.)

Phatigue In which my Olympic class Phelps Phever shows. Yes, that was a clue hint warning. You don’t get to complain iph you click on this link now.

Hunh. Well would you look at that. I put off doing this for a long time because I really didn’t think I had a “Greatest Hits” collection, and all of this comes pouring out. Your turn now. Do what the man sang said: “Go ahead and give it to me.” Was there a different post (yes, of MINE. Sheesh) that you liked better?


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Isn’t this ALL of them?

Comment by Lovesick Billy

Lovesick Billy FTsnarkyW


Comment by Cynical Nymph

I’m so taken with the names of the posts that I almost (ALMOST) don’t even care what you wrote…

Comment by Jocelyn

I’m just glad you entered, because I think we ALL got a vocabulary lesson from the titles of your posts. If you were ever to stop blogging (and don’t even think about it…I’d, I’d…well I’d organize a protest or something!) the collective IQ of your readers would probably drop! I know mine would. *lol*

Comment by Auds at Barking Mad

I so can’t choose favorites, I adore you blog!

Comment by Karen

YOUR blog, not you blog, I blame Iowa for that one. Kidding, the Iowayans I encounter tend to be very well spoken and written, maybe I should pretend I went to a public school in the city of Chicago…

Comment by Karen

I think we both know which one of those is MY favorite.

Comment by bejewell

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