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10 March 2009, 10:39 pm
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You know those personality tests that ask you annoying questions and then “type” you with a 4-letter code for your personality type, like “ESTJ”? Well, I found a link over at Slactivist that lets you analyze your blog the same way. Now, I think I know myself pretty well, so I was really just looking for, oh, confirmation of my genius analytical style. Well….funny, that. According to the Typealyzer, my blog is written by someone else “ESFP.”   And then there’s this whole blurb about “The Performer” and how I’m all “entertaining” and I’m thinking Okay, I know this is in beta and all, but this is complete crap. Obviously, something is broken, or the Typealyzer is really just a random code generator that doesn’t even bother to look at my blog content, because HELLO? Entertainer? As in, I ENTERTAIN people? Please. I haven’t posted in weeks. The only way this counts as entertaining is if people are reading other, really good, great even, blogs with the time they used to spend reading mine.

Then I realize that there’s a possibility I typed my blog url wrong. After all, it’s not like I’ve been hanging out here all that often lately. So I go back to the main Typealyzer page. And this is where it becomes obvious that I should have read the disclaimer more carefully:

Note: writing style on a blog may have little or nothing to do with a person´s self-perceived personality.

Wait. That doesn’t help at all. It’s not my “self-perceived personality” that my blog’s personality clashes with. It’s my ACTUAL, EVERY DAMN TIME I’VE EVER TAKEN THAT TEST, personality. I am an “INTJ.” I have been an “INTJ” my entire life. No E, no S, no F, no P. (If none of this makes sense to you, click here.)

Really, there are two options: One, the Typealyzer is completely full of crap. (I’m inclined to go with this one. Come ON. How can a solipsistic mommyblog be an example of ANYthing but intraversion?) Or B, I have an evil twin, and she writes most of my blog. I DO actually sort of fugue out when I write…it would explain a lot (although Occam would completely disagree with this solution to the mystery of my blog’s personality [who am I kidding. Occam doesn’t give a damn.])

I guess there’s a third option. Perhaps…PERHAPS…my blog is my alter ego. In which case, I need to apologize in advance to any and every person I may meet at BlogHer* in July. If you’re expecting to meet the personality who writes this blog, I fear you’re going to be rather disappointed. As in

Inigo Montoya: Who are you? I must know!
Dread Pirate Roberts: Get used to disappointment.

disappointed. Consider this your warning. Also, your apology.

* What. Yes, I’m going to BlogHer. No, I don’t have any business going. No, I don’t care. Thanks.

P.S. THIS is the sort of post you get when the fugue is blocked. I blame the freaking SHEET of birthday cake that is in my house and preoccupying my mind. Also, my digestive system. What. The kids have the croup and I’ve been home for the past 4 days with an entire fridge full of cake left over from the two poorly-attended birthday parties we threw last weekend. (Yes, you read that right. Goat #1 had a slumber party on Friday night and Goat #2 had a costume/dress-up party on Saturday afternoon. Yes, it was insane. Yes, I’ll do it again that way next year. Because I got it over and done with in 24 hours AND I ONLY HAD TO CLEAN MY HOUSE ONCE, PEOPLE.)

P.P.S. Pour l’autre comtesse: Cette comtesse est “ISTP.” Comment dit-on “bwahahaha” en francais?


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Hey, I’m an INTJ too! (Though I often think that’s wrong–and I just took the test again to make sure. I think I’m too lazy to be an INTJ.)

Dude, if I win the lottery, I am so going to BlogHer so we can introvert, intuit, think, and judge in good company.

(Typealyzer also said that I am an ESFP. I think that’s just what they use for all blogs. I call scam!)

Comment by aliasmother

I’m an ENFP who just got ENSP the same thing, and yeah. I think it’s just spitting out code. IDK.

You’re going to BlogHer? FML. EFF MY ENTIRE LIFE. Because I am not going. Eff.

Comment by Steph

Hi, my name is Steph, and I’m going to leave bizarre and poorly edited comments. Which is like usual except for the poorly edited part.

Comment by Steph

Pediped Flex dear. We can talk adorable kids shoes all you want at BlogHer.

Comment by Amelia Sprout

When I’m not dying from the flu from hell i’m going to try this. Right now I’m going to go drown my sorrow in Benedryl seeing as how Zicam has betrayed me.

Comment by Auds at Barking Mad

I think ‘doppelganger’ was one of Mart’s favorite words. Does that ring a bell?

Comment by Allison

In all of two seconds, I got ESFP as well. It must just look at your title. If it’s anything that’s not fact-driven, it sipts out the FP and since you write about life, it assumes, the E….but the S? Hey man, that’s an insult.

Comment by smalltownsmalltimes

How cool is it that I am also INTJ? My blog personality is also ESFP, who is writing our blogs ;)?

Comment by Karen

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