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16 March 2009, 10:35 pm
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Screw the “Ocean Breeze” and “Harbor Mist” candles we have lighted all over the house to mask the smells of Lysol and bleach (and Lysol with bleach).  Screw the Lysol and bleach and Lysol with bleach that aren’t doing jack to combat the bioterrorists’ germ-smuggling capabilities.  Screw the VapoRub-stained pajamas and towels and that awful smell.  Screw the humidifiers that need to be refilled every 3 hours.  Screw the children’s cold medicine — that I can only buy two bottles at a time, because I apparently live in meth valley? — that says “causes drowsiness” because damned if it’s making anyone around here drowsy but ME.  Screw the DayQuil that knocks me out and the NyQuil that makes me teh stoopid.  Screw the stupid sore throat from breathing through my mouth all night long.  Screw this flu; I’m not messing around anymore.  What’s that saying?  Never bring a knife to a gunfight?  Well, I’ve called in the big guns now.  The Agent Orange of Cold & Flu Season: Hot and Sour soup.  By the quart.

It. Is. ON.


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Seriously, I feel your pain. Last week that mess was at our house. It was bad. However, I love NyQuil. A lot. More than is probably appropriate.

Comment by Steph

Hot and sour soup is like golden magic in a bowel. Or a trough. I could it it directly from a trough. I hope it’s helping!

Comment by foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

Hey germy girl, this is off-topic (do I ever say anything that isn’t?), but have I mentioned yet how much I love that header picture? Every time I see her snarked-out little face, all I can think is, “Yeah. That’s how I feel, too.”

Feel better. Try wasabi chickpeas, too. Cuts through congestion like nothing else.

Comment by aliasmother

I was a codeine cough syrup kinda gal myself, but that is because all the others would interact with my meds. Hope you and your little disease vectors feel better soon!

Comment by Karen

I’m STILL using a nebulizer once a week, and the antibiotics left me pounding yogurt by the gallon.

But I do have to say, that cough syrup laced with codeine that my doc gave me? Well once the horribly nauseated feeling wore off, I was a happy, albeit stupidly- high, camper!

Hope you’re feeling better.

Comment by Auds at Barking Mad

It’s been nine days since you wrote this…did the soup bring it?

Comment by smalltownsmalltimes

I am a little late, but I do hope you are feeling better! Flu, Cough, craziness here too. At one point last week, almost 20% of the kids were out in school.

Whatever you used (but only if you are better), mix together, patent it, and send some this-a-way.

Comment by TracyB

When you’re done please come here and kick mine in the balls, too. KTHXBAI

Comment by bejewell

You just seriously cracked me up. 🙂

Comment by Antigone

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