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Addendum #5 (Forswearance)
4 April 2009, 1:43 pm
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Yesterday’s post was woefully incomplete because I didn’t have access to the full text of the Iowa Supreme Court decision. I did try to get a copy of the ruling yesterday, in many places, but I never could get a page to load due to server timeouts. Of course, without it, I didn’t get a chance to include a brilliant analysis of my own about it in yesterday’s post. (What. I was a Legal Studies minor. I totally could have come up with something better than “It’s about fucking time we won one.” [Fine. I think we both {Hi, Dad} know that I wasn’t capable of much more yesterday.])

I do wonder if that’s a first for the Iowa Supreme Court wepage – crashing from too many people trying to access a decision? I’m inclined to think it was. But it’s not down any longer, so here are links to a summary of the decision (for those of you who aren’t interested in spending a lovely spring Saturday reading the full 69 page version) as well as the full decision.

This morning, I was over at FireDogLake because he was highlighting the actual text of the Iowa decision and I was interested to see someone else’s take on it. It’s quite well done, and not long; I highly recommend you check it out. Especially my favorite part: the comment section. “peterboy” really sums it up in the very first sentence of the very first comment (which I’ll go ahead and include in case your index finger hurts from all the clicking):

Iowa, bitches. IOWA.

Really, what’s left to say? Maybe one thing:

Unanimous, bitches. UNANIMOUS.


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I don’t know, I was super interested in knowing if they changed the constitution to remove the word “idiots” to describe those mentally incapable of making an informed decision when voting and therefore not qualified to do so…

Comment by Karen

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