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7 April 2009, 11:35 am
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Override, bitches. OVERRIDE.*

Also known as “EPIC EQUALITY WIN”

*No, I’m not tired of that formula yet. None of you are reading this anyway, so stop complaining.


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Thanks for making me look up “ineluctable”.

Comment by Anonemouse

I read every time you post. So there. 😛

Also, this part of the article was awesome:
Mr. Dostis said he and Mr. Kletecka will celebrate their 25th year together in September.

“Is that a proposal?” Mr. Kletecka asked.

“Yeah,” Mr. Dostis replied. “Twenty-five years together, I think it’s time we finally got married.”


Comment by Steph

It makes me ebullient to see so many SSM posts here all of a sudden. 🙂

Comment by Cynical Nymph

I hadn’t heard this news yet…I’m shocked that I’ve not yet heard the sighs of frustration from everyone who attends my church, lamenting the state of America.

I say way to go, Vermont. It’s a new damn day in America, indeed!

Comment by foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

Great day for equality, huh?! Also, the DC Council voted to recognize same-sex marriages from other states. It has to get the approval of congress, but a great step nonetheless!

Comment by (In)Sanity Gal

I should start mapping out what states approved gay marriage, so that when the U.S. splits into AngryConservativeLand and the Rest of Us, I can plan which state I’d like to live in.

Comment by aliasmother

Now if my own state could just figure it out…

Comment by Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com

Hey now Aliasmother, I am a conservative and I fully support gay marriage. Too many “conservatives” who are bigots are showcased but really if you think about what a conservative is supposed to stand for I feel that gay marriage falls under something that we should support. The wack jobs that are most vocal tend to get all the attention. There are anti-same sex marriage bigots among the “liberals” too, like the president. Sure he talks pretty but he has not once come out in support of gay marriage, quite the opposite, and only allegedly supports expanding gay rights. Important but seriously to me a slap in the face to them because they are still being discriminated against. There should be no “gay rights” just human rights! Once that is achieved this issue won’t be an issue and mostly forgotten except for having a paragraph or two in history textbooks, hopefully in my children’s (assuming I have any).

Comment by Karen

Okay Mrs. Waltz, I have to ask you about this. I see you are very passionate about the cause. I’m curious — do you have someone close to you who has been denied the right to marry (family, friend)? We all have our list of deal breakers (mine is stem cell research) so I’m interested in what makes this issue at the top of your list. I hope I don’t sound judgemental, it’s nothing more than just curiousity.

Comment by smalltownsmalltimes

Glad you like the bedspread! I got it and all the decorative pillows at Target! 🙂 I love that place! 🙂

Comment by Nevis

You know my favorite part of that story (besides the obvious F-U to bigotry and inequality) is that the House Speaker’s name is “Shap.” SHAP? Seriously? WTF?

Comment by bejewell

Dude – Were are you? I thought for sure I’d find something here about Miss. CA.

Did you get the job?

Comment by smalltownsmalltimes

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