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Live free or die, bitches.  LIVE FREE OR DIE.

If anyone wonders what my underlying philosophy on this is, Ruth Benedict said it first and better than I ever will (from Primitive Freedom, 1942):

… liberty is the one thing no man can have unless he grants it to others.

I don’t just do this because I love Bronson and Sam. I do this because I love my own liberty, as well.


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I had a hard time pinning down my underlying philosophy on it until I heard someone during one of the debates say, “Really, unless you use the religious argument, the only argument against it is: We’ve always done it that way.” And I believe that’s a stupid reason to do anything.

But,you know, yours is nice too. All noble and crap.

Comment by aliasmother


That is all.

Comment by Auds at Barking Mad

Love it, and I whole heartedly agree. You rock.


Comment by TracyB

I hope Iowa stays on that list and it keeps growing, and quickly!

Comment by Karen

I must say, regarding my underlying philosophy, that I am for gay marriage for the same simple reason that I always paint my son’s toenails when I am doing my daughter’s and mine: because “it’s just for girls” simply isn’t a good enough answer. Go NH!

Comment by Sus at Wiggle Rooms

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