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Liveblogging: Goat-free Hour #13
13 June 2009, 9:37 pm
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We’ve been trying unsuccessfully to call Goat Grandma on her cell phone for the past 90 minutes.

This made us more than just a little bit nervous.

We tried to focus on “Dark Knight” on HBO, but by 9:00 we were calling every 5 minutes or so, thinking perhaps they were just out of range in Central PA.

I tried Googling Goat Cousin for a landline number.  No dice.

I tried Googling “I-70 Pennsylvania traffic accidents.”  Again no luck.  (What good, exactly, are teh intarwebz if I can’t get live traffic information when I need it, I ask you.)

Finally, I remembered that I could call Goat Daddy’s brother and get the landline number for Goat Cousins.  (Everybody say it with me: DUH.)

Goat Grandma answered, and my horrific mental images of rolled-Highlander-crushed-by-semi started to fade.  As soon as Goat #2 came on the line to tell me how much she was enjoying “mah buhcayshun, Mama” they went poof.

I’m literally sick with relief.  What’s a little nausea, though, right?  My goats are safe, and happy.

And driving somebody else up the wall tonight, now that they’ve been freed from the captivity of carseats.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.  (Although it’s hard to enjoy Ledger’s stellar performance, knowing there will never be another.)


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