Waltz In Exile

Liveblogging: Goat-free Hour #26

Woke up from a dead sleep in a panic at 6:30 this morning.  Wracked my fuzzy brain trying to figure out exactly what was wrong and finally realized it was too darn quiet.  Which set off another alarm until I remembered that the kids weren’t up to mischief, they simply weren’t here.

Watched the end of a bad Freddie Prinze, Jr./Jessica Biel movie.

Made coffee.

Watched the news.*

Drank some coffee.

Waited until 9:00 to call one of my best friends, and then spent an hour on the phone** with her.  The only “can you hold on for a second please”s were on her end of the conversation.  It was lovely to not have to interrupt her to excuse myself because the goats were interrupting me.

Watched the end of Good Will Hunting. Spent 20 minutes trying to reconcile Will Hunting with Jason Bourne with Colin Sullivan, and finally concluded that Mr. Damon is: 1) yummy, and b) a way better actor than he gets credit for.  I may need to move him up on the laminated list.

Flipping back and forth between Face the Press and Meet the Nation Meet the Press and Face the Nation, and wondering if I should start a pool for when Goat Daddy might get out of bed today.

While I’m waiting, I’m going back to the first Sookie Stackhouse book.  Cynical Nymph was totally right; I’m loving it. It doesn’t hurt that, thanks to Kindle for the ‘Pod, it took me exactly 3 taps of my index finger to have the text in my hand. (Don’t worry, SmallTown, Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight is downloaded and next.) And all the rest of you who made book suggestions: I cannot thank you enough. I am going to have to draw names out of a hat to decide what comes after these two. I read FAST, though, so I’ll probably be drawing tonight.  Somebody tell me again why we don’t all start an online book club?

Oh, wait.  Yeah, I don’t normally have time for a book club. I just now thought of this and already I feel deprived, in part because I didn’t even know what I was missing.  All right, people, it’s “recommendation” time again.  Start throwing me your best ideas for making this happen even after the return of the goats.  (Is it just me, or does that sound like the subtitle of a really bad sequel?)


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