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Liveblogging: Goat-free Hour #30

My offspring just called to tell me they’ve been riding around in a tractor-pulled cart all morning and helping Goat Cousin sort out things for a garage sale.  Goat #1 was especially excited to tell me that “there’s an iron, Mom, an iron, and Grandma said if we needed one that we could have it, and Mom, WE DON’T HAVE AN IRON, MOM!

Um, yes, we do.  But thanks for letting Grandma know that we must not have one because you’ve never ever ever seen your mother use it.  (No, I don’t iron.  I hate to iron.  And I suck at it.  [Now that Grandma knows, we might as well tell teh intarwebz, right?])

We had breakfast at noon.  (Note: anyone who picked “11:45” for the pool wins.)

I did a quick CVS run for wasp & hornet spray; our front porch is too popular with the flying stinging insects for my liking.  Did you know that if you are in CVS sans chevres that you can stand in line and peruse tabloid headlines (I am irrationally annoyed with the Enquirer for saying that Brangelina have broken up, by the way) instead of watching small people like the proverbial hawk to make sure they don’t pocket any of the candy you’ve said “no” to?  It is tres relaxante (other than that obnoxious “Brad Moves Out” headline, of course.)

Goat Daddy has started laundrypalooza.  Grocerypalooza was yesterday (Hour 12ish) so that’s out of the way.  We have coffee, and stuff for sandwiches, and beer and wine, and plenty of books, so I’d say we’re sufficiently stocked to entertain ourselves for the rest of the afternoon.  Which is good, because my original plans got scrapped by the “is it going to storm, or isn’t it going to storm” inconsistent Indiana weather.

Think I might take Sookie Stackhouse upstairs and see about making the bed.


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That is funny.


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