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Liveblogging: Goat-free Hour #58

Goat Daddy’s at a meeting, and I am (um, yet again) ensconced in the corner of the couch, watching tv.  BUT!  I have an excuse!

See, here’s the thing.  Normally, I get home (avec chevres) about 5:45.  We come in the back door and into the kitchen, and I get no further into the house until I have finished making dinner.  6:30ish.  Then I’m pretty much straight back into the kitchen to deal with the dishes.  When those are done, I head for the downstairs (kids’) bath to supervise bath time and wash insanely thick heads of hair.  So…7:15ish is when I finally make my way to the living room.

Once in the living room, though, it’s a marathon of cleaning up the mess that the goats managed to make while I was trapped in the kitchen.  Then it’s storytime and tucking in time (followed by repeated tuckings-in as they get out of bed over and over and ohmygodover.)  So there’s not really any relaxing in the living room until 10ish (11ish on a bad night.)

Even if they never got out of bed after I put them there at 8:00, though, I would still miss out on the show that has me planted in the corner of the couch right now: Bones (6:00 EST, TNT) is typically over before I ever make it to the living room.  Well, not this week!  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Sorry.  The hotness that is David Boreanaz, coupled with my ecstatic possession of the flat-screen all. by. myself. has obviously gone to my head.

Gotta fly for now, though.   I just checked the TV Guide, and there’s ANOTHER episode on at 7:00.  I love you guys and all, but David B is the stuff of 2nd-trimester REM sleep, my friends.


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om nom David Boreanaz nom nom

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