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Liveblogging: Goat-free Hour #106


It’s a Bones marathon.

Except for a brief intermission at 8:00 to speak to mah behbehz, I’ve been watching since 6:00. Maybe I should hop on Twitter and chat so I can at least feel somewhat social… (Demented and sad, but social.) (Quick: name the movie!)


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The Breakfast Club. Anyone who doesn’t know this should have their 80s card immediately revoked.

Also? Whitey e-mailed your gift card yesterday. Dude. Someone needs to staple my To Do list to my forehead. Only they should write it backwards first so I can read it in the mirror.

Comment by Steph

I totally watched Bones all night, too. I’d never seen the Pilot. Pilots are always hilarious. I’d also never seen the resolution of the Gormogon thing. Hunh. Did not see that coming.

Comment by Cynical Nymph

Okay, I gotta try this “Bones” thing — I keep hearing about it and we don’t have HBO so I have to wait like, forEVER to rent the past season of “Entourage” to see my young (possibly, secretly gay?)lover, Adrian Grenier.

I’m a gonna check it out. I’ve been looking for a new show.

Meanwhile, I’m living vicariously through every awesome moment. Enjoy. Sounds like your behbehz are in good hands.

Comment by smalltownsmalltimes

Can I be honest here? Add in a gigantic bowl of popcorn and you pretty much have my perfect evening here, wrapped up in one big, brawny, funny but sexy, David Boreanaz bow.

Comment by aliasmother

Demented and sad, but social. Oh, I got it…and I lol’d.

Comment by wpofd

Oh, I forgotted, it’s from The Breakfast Club.

Comment by wpofd

How was the Goat reunion?

Comment by smalltownsmalltimes

Are they back and driving you crazy every spare minute? Or are you curled up in the fetal position waiting for them to come home?

Comment by aliasmother

Reunited and it feels so good….

Comment by smalltownsmalltimes

I wish I WAS bones.

See you in Chicago — no waiver required.

Comment by ms picket to you

also: you? in my to read list.

Comment by ms picket to you

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