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17 July 2009, 8:52 am
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New puppies are exhausting, so all I got is bullet points. Deal. At least I used asterisks to make them more interesting.

* Yesterday I had a radio ambush LOL moment at lunchtime when the local station gave me Once Bitten, Twice Shy and transported me to the summer of 1989. And then instant mortification at the memory of how much I used to like that song. I think “cringeworthy” is the word I’m looking for here. Also, now it’s stuck in my head and I can’t get rid of it.

* I like golf more than anyone else I know who plays as poorly as I do, but to turn my David Boreanaz channel into the British Open channel for four days is just mean. No Angel yesterday morning, no Bones last night, and my whole day was just OFF.

* Speaking of the David Boreanaz channel, if you haven’t seen Leverage, you’re missing out. Seriously.

* I simply do not remember how I lived without Kindle.

* Bacon, tomato & mushroom pizza = teh yum.

* It’s sad how low-maintenance I am. Sad, I say. Stupid peasant ancestors with low expectations.

* How is it possible that the child I cannot get out of the bathtub refuses to learn to swim, and the child who loves the pool hates the bathtub?

* Holy crap, when did Ray LaMontagne sell out to Madison Avenue? (click here, and scroll down to Trouble) That’s bull. I don’t care if alimony is costing him a fortune, the man who wrote Jolene shouldn’t be pimping Traveler’s Insurance.

* Une des autres comtesses sent me a box of truffles from Vosges and I have been eating one per evening since they arrived and I feel almost mean that I am not sharing them with the goats, but damn it, they’re goats, how can they possibly appreciate truffles? Yes, that’s one sentence.

* Went to use the phone last night and discovered my seven year old was on it. What the hell, I ask you.

* I really wanted to start this post with a big “BWAHAHAHA, all you silly people who thought I was knocked up when reading my last post, puh-leeze, NOT AGAIN IN THIS LIFETIME, PEOPLE” speech, and then I realized that given my track record, as soon as I hit “Publish” I’d need to buy an ept. So I’m sparing you all. Well, no, I just did it passive-aggressively instead of aggressive-aggressively. But the p-a approach is less trash talky and might spare my uterus the wrath of the irony gods. To whom I am now going to sacrifice something, just in case.

* Um, need ideas for a worthy sacrifice. Anyone? Anyone who isn’t still pissed at me for putting bad 80s hair band music in their heads, I mean?


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I have this screenplay halfway written in my head and do you know how the movie ends? With a pull back and fade out to “Trouble.” Which I now can’t do because he freaking already sold out on that song. Now how am I supposed to end my nonexistent movie, Ray? How? “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”?

Comment by aliasmother

“Its Thorn.” ITS.


Comment by aliasmother

Yeah, the goats are definitely not at the level of tastebud development that will allow them to appreciate Vosges.

Also, about the Kindle thing: my checking account remembers how IT lived before Kindle. Pretty well, akshully, it lived pretty well in the ante-Kindle days.

Comment by Cynical Nymph

firstly, i love ray. viva la ray! he might need the dough anyhoo.

also:”given my track record, as soon as I hit “Publish” I’d need to buy an ept” is one of the funniest things I’ve read all week.

Comment by ms picket to you

Dude, no shit. Bring the Boreanaz back. TNT is my one channel that I watch when I’m stuck here all day with the kiddos. Except for Las Vegas. That has to be one of the worst shows ever shown on broadcast television.

Also, your’re cracking me up: “Stupid peasant ancestors with low expectations.” Bwa ha ha ha hahahahaha!

Comment by blissfully caffeinated

How did I not know Angel was still airing on television?! I mean, I’m borrowing the box sets of Buffy and Angel from a coworker so I can see everything in order, as nature intended, but it’s good to know that when I’m done, I can still get my Boreanaz on.

Or start watching Bones, which would probably please my husband, who would like me to shut up with the annoying comments I make about it to date. Whatever, I say. What. Ever.

Comment by foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

Not only do I have Great White running through my head, but I also swear I can detect the remnants of a cloud of Aqua Net floating around my now decidedly non-poufy hair. You can run from 1989, but you can’t hide.

Comment by shaggerty

Ohhh! I got the Kindle Sunday from Hub for my bday. Love love love love it!

Comment by JennyMac

Okay, I am completely afraid of the kindle. I love books, and passing them on if they are good is a key to me. And I love free books, from the library. When I can get Kindle from library…I will get one. Maybe…

And, maybe ashamed to admit, once bitten, twice shy is just one of the multitude of bad 80’s songs on my ipod.

Comment by TracyB

What a motherload of good stuff in the bullet points. Now I want a Kindle–and to listen to supergroup ASIA singing “Heat of the Moment.”

Comment by Jocelyn

I CALLED AND CALLED and even walked up to some woman with Ali one her badge. Dude… So sad.

That’s all.

Comment by ms picket to you

And people wonder why I have the entire Angel series on DVD as well as Buffy…one word, Boreanaz.

Must stop before the drool shorts out the keyboard.

Comment by Audrey at Barking Mad

I think we must come from the same tribe of stupid peasant ancestors.

OMG, who was your seven year-old talking to?

Comment by smalltownsmalltimes

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