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23 August 2009, 5:11 pm
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Little girl most definitely has a different drummer.  This morning, she told me that from now on, I need to call her “Specialest Princess of all the World.”

Normally, I’d be annoyed, even if only by her bossiness and abuse of the -est suffix.

But since she started her statement by addressing me as “O Mighty Goddess,” I decided to just go with it.  (Oh, please.  You would, too.)

This afternoon, I was treated to a story about how “the crazy control dragon got electrocuted all of his memberies out of him.  And then the Princess got to drive with NO LESSONS.  [long pause]  Even though she had no career.”

Don’t ask me where she learned about careers or their lack. She’s a freakin’ loon.

Yesterday, when I asked her to get dressed to come to the store with me, she said “I wear anything I want, Mommy?”

I said “Yes, of course.”

She came downstairs wearing her Ariel costume.  With knee socks, shin guards, and soccer cleats.  And proclaimed that she was the world’s first mermaid soccer player.  So the mother of the world’s first mermaid soccer player took her to Kroger for her debut.  She was a smashing success.

Currently, she’s stomping around the living room where I’m trying to watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, occasionally yelling “‘Specto Macromum!” (it might be time to get her ears checked?) and acting out something with her dollies (a diverse group if ever there was one: a Care Bear, 2 versions of Dora, two small bunnies with Velcro ears, whom she has stuck together, and a small porcelain doll with blue eyes and curly red hair, named Molly).  The non-stop (although interspersed with mangled Potter spells) narrative has something to do with “simutations, lumulations, and braictical.”  (I don’t know about the others, but she just told me that “braictical means ‘I have the sword of doom and will resist the monster.'”)

I couldn’t think of anything to say to that except “You go, girl!” with a chuckle.

She didn’t chuckle.  She just reminded me that I’m supposed to call her Specialest Princess of all the World.

More than just being amused, I’m starting to realize just how much I don’t know about my own daughter.  Is this just how parenthood goes?  I’m charged with the care and feeding and boo-boo kissing of this tiny person whom I love more than I ever knew was possible, but the truth of the matter is, she doesn’t belong to me.  She may look like just like Goat Daddy, or have my mannerisms, but she’s not a clone.  She’s an alien a stranger.

I don’t think I’m just supposed to kiss her boo-boos.  I think maybe I’m supposed to help her discover who she is.  I’m okay with that.  Better than okay.  In theory, anyway.  I just have no idea how.


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It is so hard as a mommy to let our babies be independent. At least for me. I have two of my own little ones, and I swear I must be the most over-protective parent in the world! I hate it and love it all at once. I want to always take care of them, watching out for everything and anything that might come their way. I know though, that they need to be independent and they need to fall to learn how to brush off and stand back up. It is a challenge and you are not alone! Until I get better at this letting go thing…I will continue to carry our Topricinkids pain cream with me- ready for any little boo boo that comes our way 🙂 smilinggreenmom *tweet me!

Comment by smilinggreenmom

I think it’s probably good we don’t really *know* our kids, you know? We get to discover these amazing, bizarre, creative, hilarious, hard-headed creatures every day. I do think the hardest part of it all is, in fact, remembering what they wish to be referred to day to day!

Comment by foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

She sounds like a hoot!

Comment by thebrokins

Oh, she’s a piece of work, all right.

Comment by waltzinexile

See, I think you should be patient and see the direction of future language development. And hey, you could be listening to adverb/adjective abuse by adults in my household…. She may get specialer as she grows, after all. Mine did.


Comment by Marielle

I’m sort of grammar police-y, so I’m guessing she’ll drop the suffix abuse pretty quickly.? I’m more worried about the idea that she lives in a world I don’t have a passport to, let alone an invitation.

Comment by waltzinexile

Um, I think that serenity prayer they have in AA is really good for raising children. Best to focus on the fixable. Which may be grammar. No guarantees… LOL

Comment by Marielle

I think she already might know who she is: The Specialest Princess of all the World. Could you please get with the program?

This is such an enchanting post. Will you promise to print it and frame it with a picture of her in her Ariel/soccer ensemble?

I also love that her debut happened at Kroger – the most magical place for all special princesses.

Comment by smalltownsmalltimes

Um, you might want to watch out there, because that is clearly one overly intelligent child. It’s never good when our kids are smarter than we are. (Not to say that you are not overly intelligent, I know you are because I always have to google the titles of your posts.) Also, I would feed my children ice cream and cotton candy for dinner if they called me “O mighty Gooddess.”

Comment by blissfully caffeinated

You know I only know half those titles thanks to my Good Word du Jour daily emails, right? I’m pretty sure the goats have me outbrained already. It’s sort of scary. I feel like Jodie Foster in Little Man Tate most days.

Sent from my iPod

Comment by waltzinexile

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