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2 September 2009, 4:46 pm
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I can’t believe it. I can’t believe I have to believe it.  It’s happening again.

Then again, I couldn’t believe it last year on the other coast, either. I thought that common sense would, of necessity, prevail. Turns out, common sense isn’t nearly so common as I wanted to believe, and I didn’t get involved as soon as I should have.

I’m not making that mistake again. Just because the anti-equality contingent has managed to get enough petition signatures to put the new (now on hold) Maine gay marriage law to a “people’s veto” vote doesn’t mean they’re going to win.  We have to fight back, though, and we have to start now.

Want to be part of the solution with me?  Go here:   No on 1/Protect Maine Equality


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I whole heartedly agree. Human RIGHTS should not be up for veto…equality should not be up for debate.

Comment by TracyB

It is incredible to me that even a very Catholic country like Spain can legalize same sex marriage and yet the US continues to boss the world around when it comes to human rights issues, while ignoring such a fundamental right, or trying to de-legislate it. I still ask, again and again, what does anyone else’s marriage have to do with mine? Exactly what should bother me about anyone of any gender wanting to marry. I know one gay couple who have been together for 40+ years. It’s heartbreaking to think that their love is somehow rated less worthy of marriage than Britney and her boytoys or any other lame couple who take it lightly. And none of it devalues my marriage. Not even Britney.

Comment by Marielle

I’m pretty sure that my marriage and family don’t fit into anybody else’s definitions of “traditional” so I’m really leery of defenses that hinge on gender roles and “oh noes teh chidrun!”

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Comment by waltzinexile

I love how they call it the “People’s Veto” — like none of the folks on the other side are “people.” SUCH a typical Republican move. Assholes.

Comment by Bejewell

I suppose it’s slightly better than “the real Americans’ Veto.” Sigh.

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Comment by waltzinexile

it’s very odd to be viewing this issue from Massachusetts, where my friends can marry just like I do. it’s made me kind of ambivalent.

thank you for firing me right back up, waltz.

Comment by ms picket to you

If this goes like Prop 8 did last year, it will break my heart.? I hope good old-fashioned Yankee “keeping my nose out of other people’s business” common sense prevails…

Comment by waltzinexile

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