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1 December 2009, 3:12 pm
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This morning, like every weekday morning, I got the kids up and herded them downstairs and let them snuggle under blankets on the couch while I got their breakfast.

This morning, like almost every weekday morning, the television was tuned to the news, because I’d been up watching it and having coffee since the IO woke me up at 5:30.

This morning, unlike most weekday mornings, Goat #2 was wide awake and cheerful and giggly, and when I tucked her in, she said “Sofa children?”

This morning, like any morning when Goat #2 is in a playful mood, she made me laugh out loud and I nodded and agreed “Yes, sofa children.”

This morning, unlike any other morning, instead of smiling happily that I found her amusing, Goat #2 actually cackled with glee at me and yelled “Sofa Children!” like it was the funniest thing she’d ever heard.

This morning, unlike most mornings, grumpy not-morning-goat Goat #1 laughed out loud, too, and exchanged a glance with Goat #2 over (what I thought was) her cleverness.

And then, this morning became like every other morning since Goat #1 was born, when he shattered my illusions* by saying “She wants a SHOW FOR CHILDREN, Mom.”

Like, DUH.


* Two days before Goat #1 was born, at what turned out to be my last prenatal appointment, the doctor affirmed a “very healthy 8 poundsish little girl to be born in about two weeks.”  Two days later, my 9 pound, 12 ounce boy made his debut.

P.S. I hate to finally post again without addressing the long absence, but we’ll consider that part of the theme today, shall we?  I simply had to share this; I have a zillion things I want to post/share/get out of my head, but they’ll have to hold just a bit longer.  However, I DID find my camera (poor maligned IO, accused of eating it) so I should be posting some very cute pictures soon, as well as dumping the contents of my scattered brain for (all seven of) you to enjoy.


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This just cracked me up and I can just imagine Goat #1’s patient expression explaining Goat #2’s words to you.

I’m looking forward to the zillion things, my dear.

Comment by Marzie

Oh, the disdain and the eye rolling. It was priceless. Like a dress rehearsal for adolescence.

Comment by waltzinexile

I do fear that part of the sibling relationship: when they agree on what an utter simpleton I am.

You have been missed.

Comment by aliasmother

It’s only slightly better than the day they first agree on how mean and horrible you are…. And thank you. I have missed all of you.

Comment by waltzinexile

i too have been absent.

this speaks to me and i thank you,

Comment by ms picket to you

There’s just so much going on, isn’t there? I’ve missed you; thanks for stopping by 🙂

Comment by waltzinexile

OMG – how I’ve missed you. Take heart she wants a “sofa children” – mine wants a sofa teens. Disney channel – I curse you!

Comment by smalltownsmalltimes

How fast will they withdraw my nomination for “Mother of the Year” (HA!) when I admit that even Goat Mama watches “iCarly”? I know what you mean, though. I miss “Stanley” and “The Wiggles.” Goat Daddy even misses those Wiggles; he said the other day that we should have another child just so we can watch again. Of course I told him to hush his mouth.

Comment by waltzinexile

Kid-conversations like these? They make me want them…score a point in the “yes, kids” column

Comment by Jessica

The goatversations crack me up. #2 insists on calling ladybugs “Ancient Beetles” and it never fails to amuse me.

Comment by waltzinexile

I have a video of me handing my sister a piece of paper and making her read the words I’d written out loud. “We todd it. I’m Sofa King we todd it.”

Crass and inappropriate? Sure. Hilarious? YES.

Comment by Bejewell

Your blog is rad!!!

Comment by Sam Page

Very, very cute.

BTW, I have a not-morning-goat too.

Comment by Allison

P.S. And since I rely on old DVD’s for my tv, I had no idea what there was going.

Comment by Allison

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